This is something I've only been able to do once before. I do intend to try again each and every year.

The first go round was with some newly discovered relations of ours. We were mostly just excited to go camping, as that's usually a good time with whomever. Getting to drive into the park though. I can't properly express how great it is. Typically, if you want to go any distance into Denali park, past the first fifteen miles, you have to take a bus. I have a long standing hatred of buses in general. That's another story entirely. The rides on these tour buses are scheduled and often very, very long. Say, eleven hours long. I can't even comprehend how one could sit on a bus that long, going that slow.

If you get a pass in the lottery, you are allowed to drive your own vehicle some distance into the park. Ninety miles I believe. The views are staggering and awesome, in the truest sense of the words. The wildlife is ample and active. It's simply amazing. I hope to take many pictures, which I will share here.

I sincerely hope if any of you ever come to Alaska, you'll take the time to go to Denali National Park. Even just the visitors center, to gain some appreciation of the vastness and what's being protected there.

I'm excited y'all.