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    I caught 3 Mackinaw and the other guys on the boat caught one each-(the Fish Whisperer is back)--the limit is two--Interesting fishing partners from Africa-they were from -Uganda, Tanzania, and Kenya. Two have migrated to the US and one still lives in Africa. Muslim Countries and the one put his backpack next to me--lol---trying to bounce the bottom trolling with flashers while bouncing the bottom wasn't easy rocky bottom with big rocks and ever changing depths. I only let out to 550 feet of line--while sometimes the water was much deeper.

    The other fishing partner is a friend since the 4th grade

    I first learned about Lake Trout after my parents gave me a subscription to Out Door Life when I was about in the 4th grade. I would see the advertisements of lodges in Canada catching 80 lb Mackinaws and dreamed about it. I first (1964) camped on Lake Tahoe for the only time at the same age--Gold Finger came out that weekend. Stayed in Ski Condos and Motels since. Visiting the Island at Emerald Bay was really kewl and going through the Tea House on the Island---they were catching 16-20 inch Rainbows were the stream came into the Bay.
    I tried for them in a cheap raft that came with an eclectic motor for $89 on Lake O'Dell, but didn't have much of a clue and was out of my element.
    Taking my boat out and fishing by myself is a big thing for my quality of life and I only had been out twice this year and got sick from the exertion of leaving the dock--pulling a 15,000 pound boat that's crosswise to the current. Made a few more attempts, but it's real easy to go back to bed when you have no energy.
    My first 2 cancer drugs didn't work and they had horrible side effects--along with the RSO tumors grew and spread. I'm now going through a quart of blood every two weeks and they don't know where--lol---Dehydration has been another big problem even shutting down my remaining kidney at times.------the good news is my cancer has not spread since the third drug--although I'm still loosing weight--25 pounds in the last 5 weeks while trying to eat and maybe 100 pounds overall since the diagnoses---I'm still optimistic and just think I need to take better control over my intake of water and food.

    They captain said we could medicate if we wanted to---my friend pleaded with the sheriff to arrest me as I was still fishing and over my limit--I wanted to make sure everybody got limits, but I couldn't pull it off

    PICT0031 - Copy.JPGPICT0035 - Copy.JPGPICT0039.JPGPICT0043 - Copy.JPG

    The Africans--one is a deputy sheriff in the bay area he caught his first fish ever--my friend since the 4th grade--the entrance to emerald bay where we made bait (Shiners) in fish traps in about 10 minutes
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