Sometimes I just feel like writing, putting into words, exactly what it is that's on my mind.
Because, whenever I try and speak em' freely, and say exactly what it is that's on my mind.
"Uncle Tommy" is always there, trying to silence me.
-Locking me up, and throwing away the keys.
As I beg and plead, "I am just Me".
Why then, am I immediately imprisoned for expressing my mind???
I just want to be me.
I just want to be free.
I just want to smoke my weed, and speak my mind willingly, without somebody telling me I'm committing a crime.
I just want to relax and enjoy peaceful times.

See, for me just to be me, has permanently incarcerated me...
Simply put, living in poverty, has isolated me from society.
...and trying to live within society, has isolated me from poverty.
Or to explain it a little differently,
-I'm to black on the inside, to fit-in on the inside.
...And I'm to white on the outside, to fit-in in the outside.

Sometimes, it feels like the World is out to get Me.
Other days it feels like it's coming down around Me.
And yea, it's all pretty confusing to me to.
Not really sure just what to do,
-these images, pictures, flashing before my eyes.
Surprise, waking again to see another day.
In no ways do I wish to play these games against all odds any more.
Stopping and thinking about it.
I think what the Fuck is it all for,
...what do I do, take my own life.... or stop and think twice.

They take our taxes, and send "US" to war.
Forcing "us" to fight in conflicts for decades, for their causes.
Causes we have no beliefs in, or for.
They bring murders to our streets, and infest "us" with diseases;
Brain-washing "us" to believe in our government,
...and each of "US" can "VOTE" for a president.
Brain-washing "US" into believing they are what's best for "US".
They confuse "US"
...telling "US" to fight against each other.
By separating and segregating "US."
Calling us ni**ers and kykes, gooks and whops, faggots and queers, menaces and burdens, worthless insipid illiterates...

Then, in a heartbeat, their quick to turn their backs on any one of "US", and try their asses off to abandon "US".
Even killing "US", and claiming it's in the name of justice.
Or, simply just camouflaging it, covering up the bloods that they've spilt.
Yet, not a one will ever admit to it though, even though everyone of "US" does it,
...once anyone of "US" has got a few stacks to stand on.
"We've" even wore masks to cover it...
Proud to be a human-being.
Proud to be an American!
...To me is a statement of embarrassment. ..

See, for Me to just be Me, they call me crazy and strange, psychotic and insane.
"Yea, I guess, maybe... A little."

So, I guess if they say I am, then I am whatever it is "they" say that I am.
But not because it is what I am, but simply because "they" just said I am.
So if "they" say that I am crazy, then I must be crazy.
-Not that I am crazy, but it's said that I am, so therefore I am...
But then again, you've got to be, to survive this this trip we call life.
Where we all fight for our survival.

Now ever since my arrival into this world, there has been no-one there.
No-one there to raise Me.
No-one there showing Me right from wrong, or how to become mentally strong.
No-one there to help teach Me the ways of becoming a man.
No-one around educating Me on the rules of this game we call life.
No-one other then me, helping make me in to the man that I am.
The man that I have become...

I am proud of who I am...
I am proud to have become the man I have become...
I am not in the least bit like anyone this world has ever seen, nor ever will see again...
But then again, aren’t we all???

Why then, am I the one immediately imprisoned for expressing my mind???
When all I want to do, just to relax and enjoy peaceful times.
Is to be able to express my mind, and smoke my weed,
...without someone telling me I'm committing a crime.
I just want to be me,
I just want to be free...

Copyright- © I-am The-Poet-X, All rights reserved. (Mr. M. Strindberg)