Hi Med Folks,
If you have some free time to spare and would like to lend a helping hand to Weed Watch here is a way you can do that.

Our Medical Cannabis Forums need some desperate attention and here are some things you can do:

1. Add information regarding Medical Laws in your state.

2. Mention Weed Watch to folks in your local Medical Cannabis Community, including Dispensary, Collective and Co-Op Owners.

3. Feel free to make this place your home and informative for the others.

4. Add acceptable Conditions & Ailments for receiving Medical status in each of the Medical State Sub-Forums. This way members will know what is considered "qualified" to become a Medical Cannabis Patient in each Medical State.

5. Add all accepted Conditions & Ailments to the Conditions & Ailments Forum and be sure to check out the Condition/Ailment Entry Template.

And also feel free to start random conversation within the medical community, have some fun building this section the site. I hope to become a member of the medical community one day myself.

Thanks very much in advance to all of you who help us build this area up. Be well and toke on folks.