Well folks, we hate to have and do this but ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!! We have been planning this for a few months now and gave both site owners a warning along with a deadlines to respond and settle up by yesterday, actually the day before. They did not respond so we go public…

We have been lied to, deceived and taken advantage of, not to mentioned ROBBED, for a long, long time now and today that all ends. We are not begging any scumbag thief for what is owed to us/was stolen from us. There are other ways to deal with thieves. The thieves (Mr. DJKS owner of CannaCollective and Mr. Cannetics owner of Cannazon) that gave their word (which is SHIT!) have continued to ignore our PMs and every single request to send us what is owed. THEY BOTH HAVE BROKEN THIER CONTRACTS and have ROBBED SOCAL SEED CO.! Who is next?

Neither owner responds to our PM's or sends us what is owed to us. Our agreement was every 3-4 months. We do not feel or think a two year late composition is acceptable? Nor do we think or feel absolutely no response, reply or compensation for over 18 months is acceptable? It has been over 2 years since CannaCollective has taken care of their debt and over 18 months since we have even heard from Cannazon much less received what is due. We do not find this acceptable what so ever!!! We have sent many a message to both sites. We are now sucking it up and know that both these sites are a fraud. It has been made clear we are wasting our time trying to contact them. Our message to you is BEWARE and do not support either of these lying thieves Canna Rip Off Sites. Also, to ALL BREEDERS, DO NOT TRUST THESE THIEVES. You May get what you are owed once or twice but they are going to rip you off eventually. They are counting on it so please heed my warning.

We have gotten many a PM from you members claiming they are not sending what you order (since we first arrived here) and that the beans are not popping in the last year or so (1 or 2 but mostly no go). We have kept this pretty much quite for a long time in hopes to get compensated and get out, but a thief is a thief is a thief… and Mr. DJKS and Mr. Cannetics have proven themselves to be just that, LYING THIEVES!!! These thieves are the reason why you have been having issues, not us or our gear, and it's time we expose these Canna Thieves. You folks are victims too and should be just as upset as we are for the dishonesty they have infected the Canna Community with. We are sorry for any trouble you members have had but as you can see, we have gotten the shortest end of the deal by a long shot. We no longer support these Thieving web sites and you will NEVER see our gear at either site again. The gear that they have left is now at least three(3) years old and not viable stock. We have not restocked either site for at least two years, all you who have asked now, hopefully, understand why.

So here is the deal for 2015, as a huge "Thank You" to all members who have supported us we are offering ALL SOCAL SEED CO. GEAR FOR FREE from Canazon and CannaCollective!!! That is the deal from the breeder himself, no pricing is legitimate. It is OLD STOCK so DO NOT PAY FOR THESE OLD BEANS, THEY ARE NOT VIABLE. Nor are these to be given away as freebies with the purchase of other seeds from any breeder. NO NO NO!!! If they try and pull that shit please let us know. Order 2-3 packs (be fair and let everybody get a chance at these so 2-3 each please) and get them for free, no cost what so ever, not even shipping!!! When ordering DO NOT GIVE YOUR CC# or send payment of any kind for our gear, tell them you want the free SoCal Seed Co. gear at NO COST+ free shipping! DO NOT let them tell you no, we have never been compensated for the gear so it is ours to give away.

You, the Canna Community, and us together can expose these thieves. This thread will be posted on many sites. We will continue to post on every canna site we can for as long as we can. These thieves need to be exposed before more people get robbed. Breeders and members aloke.

So, we are washing our hands free of these lies and deception. If we do not receive what is owed we will deal with these two by other means. We are still owed from Cannaollective and Cannazon. We are not talking kibble and bits here. These two sites together have stolen over 5 digits worth of gear from us. We will never except it as a loss and will continue to seek out these lying thieves to get compensation, whatever that means!!! Yes, we remember thieves! If not already, you now live look'n over your shoulder thieves. We will meet one day! I promise you that! Can't say it will be all that pleasant though. That is if someone else you have robbed doesn't get to you first.

So, HAPPY NEW YEAR to all the members that have supported us. We are still here and growing like a weed, pun intended. California's Finest, available here, IN CALIFORNIA ONLY!!! Can't say we didn't try...