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    Got these from my N**** Hnic a few years back,its a very solid line.I found the most amazing mom out of 14 of them and lost it when moms got sick.So Im starting the last three of these in existence(to my knowledge)

    Bodhi found his gogi cut out of 3 beans.Fates on our side here mark my work.

    Again no pics as theyre just seedlings,But I will have a round of old school mikado.She was my first strain ever grown and the best weed Ive ever smoked to this day and this was what made my wife fall in love with me.No one can resist pure mikado.Expect to see an ongoing IBL to lock certain traits down as we have a special girl were looking.Im also going to outcross a male to Uk cheese and La affy.

    More ideas than time fellas.I figure response will determine peoples likes and dislikes.Get at me Id love to hear people feed back

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    well tbh i got 1 hermie,and two ultra potent phenotypes that yield horribly.more of the white coming through in the last three than stardawg but not like kromes cut not as nice at all. so as a rule of thumb i left the idea of turning this one into a locked down line with similar traits has come to an end. i have a lot of stardawg projects in the mix and the illuminati cut but been given some guidelines from ink,last person to work whitestardawg (and jj )creator of the stardawg upon taking these up and will not work to compete with jj to make another stardawg but out cross it to create something new and bets on the stardawg x deepchunk or stardawg x c99 shining through.but i still have the nana og x mango og and about 20 more projects to start picking through and testing.

    lifes always up in the air but the one constant is seed no evil and my goals in life.little detours here and there but one day this will all count for something.i know locally ive already been able to help some people.but this is all meant to be,losing the seeds.starting over and over its all leading me where ive been going even with minor set backs

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