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    Hope everyone is in good spirits.
    Solo here,founder of the SNE breeders collective.
    We are a group of growers from the greatlakes area who have taken on the responsibility to preserve and improve upon what is left of our Genepool.

    While we do unofficially work with a few others on the side,SNE is made up of my partner Pagan and myself.
    We share very similar views on the world of breeding and combined hope we can put in some work to reverse some of the damage done.Rather than dropping countless f1 polyhybrids on the market,we want to stabilize our work.Selecting from large pools of 50-100 or more,we feel will be sufficient to produce the desired results that we are looking for.

    We will also be working to preserve a few special lines that we do not want to see lost to the world.
    Details to come in the future...

    In addition to being an avid cannabis supporter,I am also a patient.I suffer from crohns disease,and need strong medicine to be able to live a normal life.Pagan suffers from glaucoma,and is in the same boat.My mom is stage 4 with bone and breast cancer,and I have made it a personal mission of mine to create an array of strains to help treat her condition as well as my own.I have dubbed this project "Wish you were here" after her favorite song as well as a sort of tribute to her.

    Breeding for medicinal values is something I feel will be very important in the future of cannabis.In a world where 90% of the population suffers from various medical conditions that can be treated with cannabis we feel it our duty to work towards producing specific strains to treat specific ailments.Not just a broad array of symptoms.Instead we would like to attempt to personalize with the grower/patient in a way.While at the moment cancer,chrons and severe anxiety,glaucoma and fibromyalgia are going to be our focus we would like to find new testers to help us document the medicinal benefits of our work.

    I see a lot of awesome test grows out there with amazing picture.But they are all lacking something.Obviously every grower is not a patient,but in the case that they are I will be putting together a medical check list of sorts for them to copy and paste into their test grows in the hopes that we can document on a large scale the actual medicinal values of the projects we are working on.

    Im not sure how to post pics here,but expect to see mother,father,and seeded plants from us.We only work with the most potent and stable parents of a group,stress testing on a regular basis is also something we believe in very strongly.This eliminates the plants that show to be weak in sexual dominance from the group.In theory removing those genes from the specific genepool.Obviously that will not play out everytime but in my experience being picky is a good thing when it comes to selection.I like to watch a group of males/females flower out together and document which ones outshine their siblings,slowly narrowing it down to only 1 or 2 choice parents of each sexual expression.Unless I am doing an open pollination,like in the case of our Instant Karma f2s.

    Bodhi gifted me this line to preserve,since he lost the parents in a heatwave.I have since run an open pollination using every male,and every female available to me to make the f2s.It is my thought that by removing specific phenotypes from the pollination process will take something away from what bodhi has created in the first place.So rather than putting my own spin on things I want to pay tribute to him by leaving this line genetically intact.

    Then just to throw a few projects out there that we already have made and will be working on for sometime to come until they are inbredlines.Our hopes are that this will help other breeders to find suitable parents to work with.I know that has been one of my biggest hurdles is weaning through the bullshit out there in search of the rea dank We dont want people to pop our seeds hoping to find 1 keeper.We want to see the majority of the progeny to present the grower with many keepers to choose from with subtle differences in terpine and medicinal values.So far this is what we have to offer.

    Bodhis Instant Karma f2 (Bubba x Sour D)
    Afganhoundawg (Illuminati Stardawg cut x Deepchunk)
    SnowBlind or (Whiteout)(White D x Bro grim c99)
    White D x Deepchunk(unnamed)
    Killerqueen(as mentioned above)
    Black Cherry romulan (Rom joe cut x Ace of spade ) I am selecting for the f2s as we speak.
    Flame & Citron(LemonStomper x Vortex )
    Juicy fruit x Ace of spades f2
    Trainwreck cut x Spacebomb

    New project are being made all the time though.Like I said before we hope to treat an array of medical conditions with our work,so please feel free to make suggestions.These are some of my projects that are in the works in the SNE labs for the future.Great thing is Pagan has his own projects too,so you will be seeing a lot from us as time goes on.Obviously we can work every line to ibl,but again this is a selection process and only the best of the best will make it out of testing thus eliminating probably more than half of these projects from the final cut
    But again time will tell.

    Event horizon (Illuminati stardawg x G2 berry gogi og male)
    Blazing Star (Illumianti stardawg x Kromes White d(The white x Stardawg)
    Inks White D f2(Made by krome)The White x Stardawg)
    Double White D (Kromes White d x JJs White d)
    Santa cruz BlueDream cut x Bro grim c99
    Exodus cheese x 83 matanuska thunderfuck
    Exodus cheese x 00'Blueberry
    83 Matanuska thunderfuck x 00'Blueberry
    Bro grim c99 x Blackrose
    Exodus cheese x Bro grim c99
    707 headband x Deepchunk
    707 headband x Choc rain
    Exodus cheese x choc rain
    707 headband x Bro grim c99
    707 headband x gogi og(g2)
    Williams Wonder x choc rain
    Williams Wonder x Blackrose
    Williams Wonder x 83 Mtf
    Williams Wonder x 00Blueberry
    00Blueberry x Bro grim c99

    If you happen to suffer from a medicinal ailment and have space/time to test.Hell even if your a reg joe shmo grower,as long as you are willing to give it 100% hit me up here,cannazon or theseeddepot.

    I Hope everyones day is beautiful and full of wonder and majik!
    Best wishes to all of you,and thankyou for taking the time to read through this.
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    Very nice. Someone very close to me suffers from Chron's. It's currently completely managed with cannabis. Looking forward to seeing some vegetation.
    Anything you want, anything at all, come to me. I'll be your guardian angel. . . - Juno Reactor



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    Received my tester pak of POGxAoS yesterday and they went for a swim last night. I will be posting a test thread over at the Seed Depot, can also put it here if you would like. Really looking forward to growing these out and seeing the results. Heres to a positive outcome Much karma and vibes to you and pagan on this journey.
    Grow on,Fred

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    You sound like the right kind of person to undertake these breeding projects, and those are some dynamite strains to be working with. Best of luck with all you and your pagan friend dig into. I hope everything is going well for you and yours and I hope your mother beats the cancer. Let me know if I can help in any way


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    anyone seen or heard from solo or pagan in a while? trying to get a hold of them.

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