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    Well, this is the main thing. Most people really have no idea what feminized seeds truly are. There is a reason why they're called "feminized" and not "female" seeds. "Feminized" was a term created by... ooo... not sure but I know it was most heavily marketted by Dutch Passion and was kinda like the whole LED UFO thing... where they says it'll do all these amazing things, and when you find out not everything was 100% correct, people got pissed. Well, Feminized seeds are truly that way. Reversing the sex of a plant and using that pollen on another female will give the seeds therein the greatest genetic possibility of turning female. However, as we all should know with cannabis, 50% of sex determination derives from the environment. Plants are not people, sex isn't 100% determined at birth. Now, here's the kicker - you might now ask what things in the environment push a plant more female or more male... to be honest, everyone has differing opinions but there's no clear scientific data on it. But some people tend to have better success and rates than others. So please, don't read this like I'm saying - you have a shitty environment for plants. That's not it at all. You may have everything dialed in just perfect for one strain, but another strain may like little tweaks and pushes in another direction, and if you're getting males out of plants that are genetically female, it may be something to do with temperature, may be something to do with light hours, who knows. It's all about learning the plants.

    As for the Platinum Clockwork - they're still in test grows - again, if you notice, they were never sold on the site. If I remember correctly you came to me asking for seeds for a person that had specific ailments, so I gave you what I thought would work best for those specific ailments.

    Had you emailed me, when this happened, as most people do when they get free gear from a breeder, instead of slamming me in a tongue and cheek manner (and yeah, I was informed about your posts by 3 other people, so it wasn't just me misreading you - everyone was reading it the same way), I would have been happy to walk you through it, help you figure out what's going on, and probably woulda replaced the plants for ya that you had issues with, even through they were free. But, etiquette is quickly losing it's place in the canna world. Anyway, best of luck to you in the future with your endeavors.

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    Yea my roomate has MS and he asked me for help. So I decided to try to find the best strain to help with his symptoms from the MS. I have worked with a few breeders in the past and have met all sorts of great people all over. So I put the word out to friends and growers and breeders all of whom I consider friends, that I have a roomate with MS and was wondering what strain work well for that particular disease. I was in no way looking for handouts just looking for breeders opinions on medical strains good for helping with MS. And some breeders offered to send some gear that may help with Multiple Sclerosis.
    Matthew you seriously took this the wrong way but watever im tired. I still love Riot Seeds bud.Definitely no "slamming" intended bro.
    Peace be with you Mathew
    Gnite yall
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