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    Riot Seeds - Tha Purple Floss (Mental Floss x Bodhiseeds Afgooey x Double Purple Doja])

    Not sure what's in Chimera's mental FLoss but it spits out some amazing plants. Well done and kudos to him on that. I used Bodhis Afgooey x DPD in this hybrid, this time a male - again to capture those genetics without F2ing it... I'm not into F2ing other breeders work and selling it unless there's been a good selection done to differentiate it from the others. And even then still.. It's really only cool with the breeder's permission and as long as they're not selling the exact same line. Anywho, this phenotype was the extreme Sativa phenotype, very much reminiscent of the Afgooey x DPD.


    DEC. 2010 253.jpg

    DEC. 2010 249.jpg

    arianny celeste3.jpg

    arianny celeste2.jpg

    arianny celeste1.jpg

    Arianny Celeste WK 2.jpg

    Arianny Celeste Close-up.jpg







    DEC. 2010 259.jpg
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    while the article i copied this from doesn't shed any real light on the parentage of mental floss I've long loved the strain just for the name:

    copied from an article in issue 9 of treating yourself journal by 'outlaw grower'
    The most underrated and overlooked gem I’ve
    come across yet is “Mental Floss.” A joint project
    between strains from the breeders Chimera and
    DJ Short, who brought us Cotton Candy and DJ’s
    original Blueberry.
    From the time this plant gets its first “true
    leaves” you can tell there is something special about
    it, stands with thick stems and nice fat Indica leaves
    looking proud. About half way through flower you
    realize that there is no question that it is definitely
    a special plant. A plant anyone could love. She has
    it all, big rock hard commercial sized buds dripping
    with resin, a couchlock stone that seems to render
    you worthless in your own mind, and a great grapey,
    berry taste with undertones of hash and incense.
    Just when you think it can’t get any better, after
    a week of your favorite high PK bloom booster and a
    couple of degrees cooler temperatures, Mental Floss
    begins glistening more, and starts to turn purple on

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