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    Quote Originally Posted by Matthewriot View Post
    heya Jerr - Actually the Green Crack cut originally came from a seed line originally released by Mr. greenbeans called "Cush". When I originally received the clone several years ago (more years than I even care to try to count because I'm starting to feel old) it was called Green Cush. People didn't start calling it Green Crack until much later on. =)

    Hopefully Swerve has some success working with it. I can imagine it'll turn out as good as that Bubba =D
    Just curious, was Mr. Greenbeans from Texas? I will keep it vague, but I know a guy who claims to be Mr. Greenbeans, THE Mr. Greenbeans. He knows a lot but I want to be careful.

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    he's from the south, but if i remember it was like georgia or TN.. or west virginia... i dunno something like that. somewhere peopole would speak with a southern accent that isn't texas =) wish you the best bro

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