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    Is it any wonder that the US government fights tooth-and-nail to hinder researchers’ attempts to conduct clinical trials assessing the therapeutic utility of cannabis as a medicine? After all, each and every time the federal government begrudgingly allows for such studies they’re faced with credibility-shattering results like this:
    Marijuana relieves muscles tightness, pain of multiple sclerosis: Study
    via the Toronto Star
    Smoking marijuana can relieve muscle tightness, spasticity (contractions) and pain often experienced by those with multiple sclerosis, says research out of the University of California, San Diego School of Medicine.
    The findings, just published in the Canadian Medical Association Journal, included a controlled trial with 30 participants to understand whether inhaled cannabis would help complicated cases where existing pharmaceuticals are ineffective or trigger adverse side effects.
    MS is an unpredictable, often disabling disease of the central nervous system, which is made up of the brain and spinal cord.
    The disease attacks the myelin, the protective covering wrapped around the nerves of the central nervous system, and — among other symptoms — can cause loss of balance, impaired speech, extreme fatigue, double vision and paralysis.
    The average age of the research participants was 50 years with 63 per cent of the study population female.
    More than half the participants needed walking aids and 20 per cent used wheelchairs.
    Rather than rely on self-reporting by patients regarding their muscle spasticity — a subjective measure — health professionals rated each patient’s joints on the modified Ashworth scale, a common objective tool to evaluate intensity of muscle tone.
    The researchers found that the individuals in the group that smoked cannabis experienced an almost one-third decrease on the Ashworth scale — 2.74 points from a baseline score of 9.3 — meaning spasticity improved, compared to the placebo group.
    As well, pain scores decreased by about 50 per cent.
    We saw a beneficial effect of smoked cannabis on treatment-resistant spasticity and pain associated with multiple sclerosis among our participants,” says Dr. Jody Corey-Bloom of the university’s department of neuroscience.
    To those familiar with medicinal cannabis research, the results are hardly surprising. After all, Sativex — an oral spray containing plant cannabis extracts — is already legal by prescription to treat MS-related symptoms in over a dozen countries, including Canada, Germany, Great Britain, New Zealand, and Spain. Further, long-term assessments of the drug indicate that in addition to symptom management, cannabinoids may also play a role in halting the course of the disease.
    Nevertheless, the National MS Society — like the US government — shares little enthusiasm for cannabis medicine, stating, “Studies completed thus far have not provided convincing evidence that marijuana or its derivatives provide substantiated benefits for symptoms of MS.”
    Patient advocacy organizations, like the MS Society, have a responsibility to represent the interests of their constituents and to advise practitioners regarding best treatment practices. Why then does this responsibility not extend to patients who use cannabis as an alternative treatment therapy or to those that might one day potentially benefit from its use?


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    Wait until Big Pharma starts greasing their greedy little palms in order to get their approval. Once the BILLIONS get flowing, these hypocrites will be bending over backwards to show how effective cannabis based meds are.

    The US gov't OWNS a patent on using cannabis ingredients for treatment of Parkinson's and other neuro disorders. OWNS the patent. But, nobody has handed over the necessary cash (yet) for them to OK the further trials and research.

    How can you have a patent on something - a proven, registered patent for medical use - and still go around busting and harassing civilians that are using those same ingredients to treat their own disorders? And then start the wheels turning for Big Pharma to some in, pay billions of dollars, and start taking those exact same ingredients to SELL for HUGE profits to the sick people that can grow their own for virtually nothing. It's a weed, it can grow almost everywhere - once you have a small garden going you can clone and keep your own meds on hand, for your use - and NOT make any corporate whore shareholders wealthy.

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