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Photo 5 of 8 from Master Kush (so I was told...)

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11-14-2012, 01:16 AM
Master Kush (so I was told...)
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  1. TaPhawn
    Now that is beautiful I must take notes I want to be good at growing. This is nice
  2. Bowcat
    One thing I learned for getting maximum resin production is after the plant has been flowering for two weeks drop the humidity to 35-40% sometimes lower with certain strains. The reason I found out way back is that resin is produced to protect the plant from drought or dry conditions (and catch pollen but we don't want that unless we're breeding!) The resin glands break open and coat the plant almost like a sunscreen! I grew some of TGA's "Flav" and got ridiculous amounts of resin! Even the fan leaves looked like the rim of a Bloody Cesar glass dipped in salt. That strain had the most resin I have ever grown and the taste of the strain was unique too, very nice and pretty potent, even though I got 8/10 male plants it was worth paying for the two female's that I got, and if you go online and investigate "tissue cloning" you will be able to get hundreds of clones at a time from a very small sample in a homemade laminar flow box. (Buy the antibacterial uv lights@ 265Nm from AliExpress cheap! Same ones as my ozone generator I use for oxygenating my reservoir since ozone just breaks down into 3 oxygen molecules in about 10 minuets ) and you can get the materials online from a NON grow shop for much much less money, 70-75% less. This weed is the most amazing plant, with so many different combinations of cannabinoids (113+) cbd's, cbc's cbg's etc. and a very complex symbiotic relationship between them, a 14% strain can be twice as potent as a 22% strain so THC is just one part of a complex equation. Greenhouse seeds have the content of thc and cbd's but also a strenth meter and the strenth does not always go hand in hand with THC content. We should all become world class growers, if you are growing hydroponic (organic or not) you should try to get a copy of "Hydroponics for Food Production" or the Bible as I call itby Howard M Resh Ph D. In it you can see how easy it is to screw things up by not paying atention to your ingredients and they have recipies for making your own nutrients that you can adjust as you learn how to read your plants...and that info is also in this book. Weed specific books are often full of crap, I can't remember how many times I listened to that HT guy (Ask Ed, at your own risk ) contradicting himself from one issue to another leading me to believe he doesn't know much about growing weed but makes a great living off of it.
    This is turning into a book! Sorry to go on and on but I am passionate and also in chronic pain for almost 4 decades now. Weed works, and not just high CBD strains either, sometimes it's just as good to forget you're in pain! And get some sleep too, that isn't easy in pain but weed saves the day again. HIV paitents can get their appetite and eat, cancer can be cured and chemo symptoms as well. I only wish it couls make my dick bigger, maybe I'll find that strain soon! Real soon, I ain't no spring chicken.
    Sorry about the long delay but went off the Dilaudid and couldn't do much for a couple years. Still want it back, it works with weed very well and I get tonls of exercise that way. Cheers! And happy 420 in advance.
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