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Conversation Between theduns and RacerX

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  1. Hello, duns! I came in to say "Hi!", but I'm laughing my fat ass off at b_pharma's last message to you! LOLOLOL Dayum, that was some funny schtuff. Anyway, kudos on the LC again! I'mma give our mutual friend something to include in the next exchange - I've actually got it all made up for you already. Thanks for sharing your exceptional skill, bro - it's appreciated and admired!
  2. Haven't seen you in a minute. Checking in! Hope all's well in dunsland.
  3. thanks bro... i appreciatte it. i try to be 110% real, and be respectful no matter what...

    and as for Riots gear?.... shit has me putting my foot in my mouth real quick... believe me, when im wrong- i dont hide from it.
  4. All those words? They just mean, "Good job!"
  5. Integrity, motherfucker.... You've got it. ;-) I know you don't necessarily have any particular affection for Riot gear or Riot, but your willingness to run his gear and give him a chance AND your response to morph's rants ennobles you. I can't give you more karma (I tried) via the site, but you've got it coming in spades for real.
  6. hells to the yeah! im glad you liked it bro... means i did my job!
  7. Had a chance to sample some Lung Candy today with the monk. Very, very impressive! Tasty all the way to the roach, too. First-rate.
  8. what up bro! all is well... just BUSY as a mufucka.... hoep all is well homie!!!
  9. Makin' sure ur still alive - haven't seen you in a minute!
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