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Conversation Between PDX420Grower and Ronson

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  1. Anytime man
  2. Ronson, thanks again bro.
  3. Thanks again bro, much appreciated. I'll have some new ones ready for you soon
  4. Happy Holidays Pdx, best wishes~
  5. Merry Christmas bro
  6. You made my night, thanks dude! Good luck with the Goji and BM, cheers~
  7. Thanks again bro. Hope you find something ya like in those BBK x LSSK.. Take care - PDX
  8. Cool, I actually just got home from walkin to get a few beers so we'll see how the nite goes.. Nite owl homie
  9. hell yeah man, great night for me. Definitely still down, tossed a couple back tonight matter of fact. Hope ur having a good one bro.
  10. Still tryin to grab a beer later this week?
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