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Conversation Between PDX420Grower and funkmonk

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  1. Living the Dream, the Blue Dream, hehehe, funk on and keeping them scissors on and on,,
  2. What up homie. Hope all is good in your neck of the hood.
  3. I hope all is good with you too homeboy
  4. Funk on funk one! Hope all is swell and well, thumb on homie!
  5. 1 Luv homie
  6. Hope the kids and you had a good day brotha, funk bless. 1 luv
  7. Happy Holidays bro
  8. Funk Blessings homie, hoping all is well, funk on
  9. Sorry bro but Reptilian Og #2 ended up being a male. Funk! hehehe. all good though for I got 3 more ladies to play, hurray! funk on and hope all is well homie. Preying for ya and your family, many blessings homie!
  10. Hey homie, just want to let ya know the Crow is on my mind, hope all is funky and well
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