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Photo 10 of 17 from Sub Rosa Gardens

Aliendawg F˛

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04-18-2012, 09:34 AM
Sub Rosa Gardens
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  1. TrippyHippy
  2. hippie420
    Looks tasty Tre!
  3. TreFarmer
    If I could download anything from my phone I would run a report for crom..
    It is some longlasting fire for sure!! 3 hour high!
  4. theduns
    mmmm looks sooo gooood
  5. Dublinskunkfiend
    Looks great.
  6. TreFarmer
    This is Aliendog f˛... check with Crom for it's origin.. OBS I think.
  7. TrippyHippy
    /me *jealous*
  8. taaldow
    very very nice!!
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