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Conversation Between Donnybrook and mal

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  1. Hell-O Mal-O-Rific ,

    A big Wig ya say LMAO , I'm just a regular . I got me message at the other place , Thanks . I tell ya the place just isn't the same since the changes , Doesn't seem the fun & informative place it once was but then again what da hell do I know . Glad to see ya active here as the place seems kinda laid back & great pep's with No Pretentious er big heads , Well except fer me .

    I Hope every-thing's goin Great with You & Yours & Always Remember to Keep Smilin no matter what . It confuses the feck out-o-Everyone . Be Well & Give em Hell ,,,
  2. Happy 420 amigo, got you here and at the farm lol. Hope all is well with you and yours

  3. Welcome Me Friend Mal ,

    What a Pleasant Surprise to see You have joined Weed Watch . Yer Great Love & Knowledge of the plant as well as yer Kind Demeanor will Surely make Weed Watch a Better Place for All . I pull no weight at the other place so Please Do Invite other like minded Pep's that ya feel will enjoy the presence of all-o-us here at Weed Watch .

    Great to see ya & I look forward to yer postings . Be Well & I Hope All's Good with You & Yours ,,,
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