The Belmont Board of Health will discuss the impact of the legalization of medical marijuana in town at its Wednesday night meeting, according to chair David Alper.

“It’s just going to be bringing everybody up to speed,” said Alper.

“At some point, were going to have to talk about it.”

It is a public meeting, but it is not a public hearing, said Alper.

The board will discuss possible medical marijuana regulations from the state, as well as steps that other towns are takingto prepare for the possibility of marijuana dispensaries beginning next year.

“The state hasn’t given anybody guidelines on what to do,” said Alper.

“How deeply involved is the health department going to be in it? … We’re not involved in pharmacies, but if they’re cooking brownies, we’ll definitely be involved in it.”

Alper said that the board will discuss possible zoning concerns at the meeting, but that there will be no decisions made about anything.

It is not yet clear, he said, whether the state will oversee medical marijuana dispensaries, or whether that will be up to the towns.

Alper said he would feel more comfortable with a medical marijuana dispensary in Belmont if the town had the power to regulate it.

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