The answer is not from those Rastas in Washington Square Park.

NYU students are no strangers to marijuana. We smoke it in dorm rooms; we smoke it in parks; we smoke it everywhere!

But for newcomers to the city, New York’s marijuana ecosystem can be confusing. The familiar transaction of travelling to a dealer’s home to pick up pot, while not completely absent in New York, is largely replaced my more convenient, innovative, and, well, New York-y methods of exchange.

Here is how in-the-know potheads (all names have been changed) stay rolling in the green.

Order In

When they say you can get anything delivered in New York, they really mean anything. You might think marijuana delivery-men are only the stuff of , but as you read this very article, the pot industry’s gophers are scurrying to apartments around NYC to smoke up city residents.

“[Delivery services] are very reliable and business-like,” said Jonah Schwartz, a Tisch senior who’s been using a delivery service for about a year. “I’ve called at 1 am – no matter what hour, they answer.” Like ordering on Seamless, pot deliveries typically take “about forty minutes to an hour.”
“They meet me outside and we drive maybe one or two blocks, do the trade-off and then I get out.” Wondering if it’s nerve-wracking entering a car with drug dealers? “The first time I was pretty sketched out but now that I know them it’s not a bad dynamic. There’s some sort of base empathy going on.”


Your bodega may not be allowed to sell Four Lokos, but another intoxicant can be found in some corner stores: marijuana cigarettes. We’ve received reports of a bodega in the East Village which, when pressed hard enough, will reveal a “secret stash” from under the counter.

These special bodegas are harder to come by than a traditional dealer or delivery service. But if you find one in your neighborhood, you will reap the rewards of being able to purchase your pot and the inevitable munchie-supplies in one fell swoop. You can find the complete guide to bodegas in a classic Gawker piece.

Food Truck

Street food culture is thriving in NYC, but one truck you won’t find at the Vendys is the weed van. Spotted earlier this summer driving around Union Square and Greenwich Village, this van sells “pot pops.” Oh, and it delivers.

A representative from the company which operates the van said the lollipops are only novelty. But we have to wonder, what ingredients go into these novelties – with names like “OG Kush” and “Purple Haze” - that give each pop a $5 pricetag?

The Old-Fashioned
Yes, it is still possible in New York to have a “traditional” marijuana-buying experience, where you call (or text) a dealer and walk to their apartment, buy your baggie and be on your way.
Still, this is New York, so you can expect convenience. “I’ve definitely never left the neighborhood,” said Steinhardt senior Anthony Whalen, pointing to the short distances you can expect to travel when seeking to smoke. In fact, there very well may be a dealer in your dorm or apartment building! As Toucan Sam says, just !

Medical Dispensary
California transplants who so desperately miss the high-grade medical, legal marijuana of your home state: Good news is here. Within the next few weeks, New Jersey’s first medical marijuana dispensary will open in Montclair, just a half-hour’s drive from NYU.
With thousands of NYU students hailing from the Garden State, perhaps our neighbor to the west will drop its image as the state which spawned Jersey Shore, and become known as the place your roommate goes to pick up doctor-prescribed weed.
Gallatin senior and North Jersey native Sarah Murphy said that travelling across the Hudson to pick up legal marijuana would be “a pretty smart plan. If I were an NYU student that had a prescription, I would definitely take the PATH to New Jersey to [buy marijuana].”

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