Island Alternative Medicine (IAM) is a non-profit cooperative dedicated to providing socially responsible and legal access to medical marijuana for patients suffering from terminal or debilitating medical conditions. This is the first medical marijuana (medicinal cannabis) cooperative to be established on Whidbey Island.
IAM, in Downtown Freeland, provides safe and legal access to patients with a medical marijuana recommendation from their doctor. If the patient cannot find a licensed medical professional willing to write a recommendation, IAM can provide referrals to local doctors who will write one for qualifying patients. The patient brings the recommendation and a Washington State ID, and a stringent verification process follows. Patients are required to join IAM as co-op members. At no time is a patient buying marijuana; they are making a donation toward providing the medication.
Lucas Jushinski, IAM’s founding Director, came home two years ago as a combat veteran. After serving eight years as a corpsman in the military he was diagnosed with Traumatic Brain Injury and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.
After going through a long list of prescribed medications, which didn’t provide him with relief, he finally was willing to try an alternative: medical marijuana. His healing began, and now he wants to help others who have not been helped with traditional medicine.
He comments, “Most combat veterans are over prescribed narcotics and anti-depressants to mitigate chronic pain, other health problems and depression. Medical marijuana is an alternative that allows those who are suffering from conditions like my own to return to living a healthy and fulfilling life.”
As someone who has personally benefited, he believes it is vitally important to provide a safe, local source for medicinal cannabis. He is committed to providing fair and safe access on Whidbey Island: “I really want to be a strong support for the local economy and to help sustain other local organizations that I love and admire by reinvesting IAM revenues toward their causes. This is my way of giving back to the community.”
Lucas is planning to reinvest the profits from IAM in the Veterans Resource Center and Good Cheer Food Bank. He also hopes to create jobs in the community as IAM becomes busier and he needs to hire help.

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