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    Lake, Nevada - A water-world with a 'thick and steamy' atmosphere was nicknamed Planet Cannabis at NASA HQ today.

    Reports have described it as a gigantic organic hydroponic ecosystem orbiting a red dwarf in the Ophiuchus constellation of The Serpent Bearer**.

    Imagery sent from the Hubble telescope suggests that indigenouscannabis sativa plants grow 'like Redwood Sequoias' to some 300 feet in tropical temperatures.

    Commenting on the discovery a NASA spokesperson said today GJ1214b is like no planet ever seen before and that a huge part of its important mass is made up of water, cannabis plants and billions of years of fossilised marijuana resin.

    A probe designed by the space Agency to boldly go where no NASA probe has gone before is rumored to be departing for the far flung dope world in September this year.

    It is hoped the important] craft will take as many samples of the planet's flora as possible before returning post haste back to Earth in time for Christmas revelries.

    An ounce of the exotic space weed has been estimated to retail for $10,000.

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