This was posted on my forum, but I thought perhaps this was missing most folks in this area, so I re-posted this here.

I have been of the mind for some time that it may be that no single light can fully provide all and everything that plants need through all phases of development. One light comes very close, the Inda-Gro Pro PAR Series light. But one can always push for more, and better results. I now offer a range of supplemental light sources, ones that can complement not only the Inda-Gro lights but any light you may now be using. I think in terms of complemental lighting when I think Hybrid. Here is a little video of a experimental first grow for this client. He focused on quality with this one, not quantity, his following grow is quite incredible, but I am awaiting full notes to relate to the images, so I an give a full and honest disclosure.

So here goes, Hybrid Lighting Solutions.

To augment what you have now, I have commercial quality - 150W Blue Booster LED, 150W RED Boosters LED, 150W Broad Spectrum LED. I also offer the Indoor/Outdoor Flower Initiator (Far RED) LED IP65 Flood Lamps (soon in 10, 20, 30 & 50Watt models).

I will soon offer my IP65 flood lamps in all those watts as the Blue Booster (3 discrete frequencies) for accelerated growth, also for sexing and to reduce stretching with the Flower Initiator (Indoors wit certain species), and a E-Effect (Emerson Effect) RED Flood lamp, discrete frequencies that will accelerate growth and flower development.

Let me know what you think, is this the way forward as I now profess on my websites?

I want to explain my relationship with Inda-Gro, it is a Strategic Partnership, meaning I have access to all they offer, plus more. The Remote Power Supply Option, 10 or 15' cables, is available only through my website and is not available as a retrofit item. Also the Flower Initiator is available only there as well, if you buy Inda-Gro through me, I offer the Flower Initiator at a deep discount. If you make inquiries through me, but then buy directly through Inda-Gro I do not make a dime, so please come to me for your Inda-Gro lights and the best options not available elsewhere. Email - CALL - 707 847 3660 or visit my Website to get more information or to contact me.