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    set your piggies free
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    I'm sold on T5s for veg. Especially in a scrog as you can put those puppies right on top of them. Less heat too which is a boon in summer. I'm currently using 4 footers. An 8 bulb and a 4 bulb and 1 400 MH. I'm going to add 2 more 4 bulb 4 footers and drop the 400 MH.

    My plan is to have 4 small veg tents side by side, 18 hrs on, with only 3 on at 1 time. Two 18 Gal tubs in each one
    Taking the 4 outer bulbs out of the 8 bulb. No spike in electric usage for the smart meter to out me. 12 bulbs x 54 watts 648 watts always on. Now I have 1048k that comes on all at once.

    The grow tents I've looked at are 2' x 4' and 5 feet tall and cost just under ~$100 each. I may just build them myself since I need about 18 inches in width. Cost would be easily less than half the price of the tent.
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    Love my induction floro!

    Pic day under IndaGro 420 an led pontoon.

    Smallest plants to biggest.

    Mini 6 oz clone of Sunset ltd. 2 weeks

    Nycd auto x auto haze
    Just showin sex..

    Swerves sunset ltd
    Dense lil buds.. 4 weeks

    Strawberry affro auto mutt.
    Some of the seeds are mature.

    DrGt c99 x amnesia haze x auto haze project.
    Getting white an the seeds are confirmed.
    4 weeks

    DrGt chemo Iranian x Nl5/haze c 5 weeks.

    Nevil haze 21 x Mullimbimby Madness.
    Lost track how Long shes been going , but she a 16-20 week finnisher.

    Pics of the Nycd auto x Auto haze I seeded buds I took down.

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