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    the title says it all
    im moving from a full home with 2 extra rooms to an apartment with only closets an attic and a 4x4 or 5x5 tent for a short period of time.im looking to find the best yield per run using leds.strictly sog with stuff like deep chunk and my afgan hound dawg and other projects meant to stay low but with added potency from the new gene pool introduction.I know that uv is known to increase thc production much as we use sun screen the plants put off more thc to mimic the same type of deal.

    to the point a lot of growers going for pure extract.after quality and not bud size or any thing of that nature,just pure thc production are using a lot of uvb.some of these plants are not very pretty to me,so idk i will have to do my own experimentation with that.i tend to like my girls healthy and green until the end month or so while they flush out.ive also seen a lot of pics suggesting the need of additional cal mag but less of a total ec in hydro even soil while i have no idea how to remove nutrients from soil other than flushing it but that tends to set things back in soil a week or so while they dry i prefer hempies but love the luxury of watering when they need it and not on a strict schedule.for that reason i think im going to keep my moms is hempies so i dont lose them and experiment with new soils and soil blends.i recycled and made my own for 2 yrs.

    but back to the main objective.ive followed the led movement.started with a shitty ufo,then two.then switched to mh to get away from that red purple color.but in the end a tent with a nice filter and my males under the blackstar chrome did me well and gave me exactly what i needed.

    but now because of the more secretive down sizing to not only to leave people behind but to keep some safe i need a change in how i grow and where, hence the sog style plants.luckily killerqueen AND stardawg can be kept low while i work through my seeds until i find the perfect phenotype to play with for the next year or so to breed with and learn about.sadly i dont think c99 will fit into this plan nor my kq x c99 or any of my other favorites but thankgod for all the things ive created with the dozens of cuts that went in and out of my room.pink karmas getting a run

    i have the knowledge and experience to pull close to 1.5 lb in a 5x5 with a 1k.id settle for a solid 1 per 5x5 of just medicine for me and those close to me who need it.but i need to acquire the best led for my situation.if it works well with solid dense buds i am sold

    i have a 270w blackstar chrome with uv and 3w diodes supposedly that covers what they said was 3x3 but much like A lot of led companies i cant seem to locate them on ebay anymore.i used it solely for males and my breeding projects and it covers a nice 3x3 space putting off huge male buds especially my deepchunk champ and gogi #2 the strawberry male.
    but now stepping the flower up to led im worried im going to take a huge loss esp if i just use the blackstar,i could go auto and what not but idk.id rather find the best available to me,so far ive worked it down to.....

    mars hydro 900w 900W LED Grow Light Marshydro Mars 2 Panel Indoor Kits VEG Flower for Plants 5W | eBay -1600#2 1600W LED Grow Light Marshydro Mars 2 Panel for VEG Flower of Plants High Power | eBay both using what they say are 5w diodes but obviously arnt pulling anywhere close to even the 900w model which i find odd.or even their 720 720W LED Grow Light Marshydro Reflector System IR Full Spectrum VEG Bloom Indoor | eBay the 960 basic like the 720 960W LED Grow Light Marshydro Reflector Lamp for Indoor Medical Plant High Power | eBay
    blackdog 1200W LED Grow Light Marshydro Mars 2 Lamp IR Full Spectrum Powerful for Plants | eBay
    solar storm out of cali with the added uv bulbs on the sides'http://www.ebay.com/itm/California-Lightworks-SolarFlare-110W-LED-Spectral-Blend-BloomBooster-2016-Model-/111399588174?hash=item19efeed14e California Light Works Solarstorm 440W LED Grow Light with Ratchet Hangers | eBay California Light Works Solarstorm 880W LED w UVB | eBay
    and the most expensive but seems to be best tech available Lumigrow Pro Series Greenhouse LED Grow Light 650 Watt Lumigro Lumi Grow | eBay

    now ive seen youtube vids of people pulling 2 per using the balck dog,as well as real decent results with the mars hydro but its not as widely available or spoken of on the forums.cali light works ive heard good things about but even their 1600$ model only says it will cover 4x4 well what ever that means.i think the seller is relying on product rep to sell these because you got dials as well built in to dial in what you want most for your plants.but again all these use 5w diodes.i seem to remember reading something about how the 3w are more efficient cooler and that the 3w works fine.i dont want burn,but i want as much i can get off a realistic 4x4 or 5x5 tent.i have thousands of dollars in hps mh and filters /fans already but i need to think realistically for a little bit here. ill be happy to pull this tent and my breeding off in the basement cut off from the rest of the house.at least there wont be any wiring and i can even double up on tents after the first run or two assuming they go well.

    hell at this point ill be happy to be able to run this 270 chrome and pull personal.ups and downs im confident everything happens for a reason and moving from hps to legit leds and tents is the way to go for me even if its as many 5x5 tents i can fit in one room lol.the entire set up is cleaner and easier to cool and utilize the entire light footprint.in an open room my 270 let light go everywhere.same as hps and mh.tents got that concealed environment going on.i can pump co2 seal the room run an ac and 1 real exhaust everything interconnected for flower.i wish i could show a picture of what i see in my head,you guys think just a large large tent will be easier than many little ones if i go multiple lights to try to duplicate as close to 2 per 5x5??

    i appreciate the input ww,i am a med smoker with crohns and provide for 3 sometimes 4 or 5 people i take care of with raw leaf as well as medicine and edis.canna is my calling i just want to really reduce my carbon foot print when i mom out these babies of mine and start new seeds.
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    I like compact fluroscents the best, they give me the best flavor potency and quality, on most plants. Although some females do as well or even better under LED... But the majority I would say Fluros.

    I think similar to the fluros, standard bulbs you get in a hardware store perform as well or better then pricey LED lights for the most part.

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    hey VV,
    while i much respect your work and opinion,i am going for the best upgrade i can get in wavelength of color.the correct nano meters means a lot when it comes to your garden.you can run cfls and do a see more buds type of application but the yield just doesnt seem to follow any of the times ive tried.

    i have a buddy who flowers under t5s and his buds come out,not whispy but not dense either.ive tried just about every lighting option other than cmh,those gavita gadgets,the sun(which would be my choice)and the new tech coming out like double ended hps and mh bulb systems and the weird new leds that are led just very odd.

    i think im going to go with a blackdawg xlu 750s,or mars hydro 2 1200 series.the blackdawg actually uses as many watts to run the leds unlike mars hydro who says their models are named after what they compare hps mh wise.they are very upfront and honest about this that ill only be drawing around 600w or something with their 1200 model but that it replaces 2 600w is spectrum out put and bud producing light.

    even the led i have now the blackstar chrome 270 ,the more i look at it and their videos and specs im even considering doubling up and using two chromes.they recommend this light only for experienced growers and that it is so strong its putting out 4x the par of a comparable apollo or other Chinese model.they only use cree and ive done business with them for over 6yrs now.i just always used their ufos back in the day which even then they warned me it was only good for vegging and flowering a few small plants*up front* i just wish i knew if i was better off going for the blackstars for 450$ each of one of the other above posted models....like the california solar flare.whos selling point is ir and uv rays not being added in other leds so they threw 2 t8s uv bulbs in for the end of flower.while the blackstar chrome and a few of the others also have diodes just for those spectrums to produce more thc.the idea is uv makes the plants produce more thc like sun screen for a human i think i already said that lol..

    i went to the marshydro homepage and theyve even got a new model out called the pro that uses a slight bend in its shape for better coverage.i like that you can dial in your spectrum on the more expensive led products.there are just so many to choose from it makes it hard.

    like i said i want to dry to produce as close to 1 1/2 2lbs per 5x5 in a sog.set up most likely in a tent.then another tent for the things i cant sog,and put up a screen to scrog them.

    hell over the last week i thought i was going to lose my moms because of a heat increase locally and my cloner not rooting as quickly as im use to.luckily i was blessed and got enough of each to carry on my projects etc.aero cloning is great when temps are right.not when your grows broken down and you throw one in a closet with no ventilation but sometimes you do what you gotta do haha

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