White Rasta's Cannabalm (anti-cancer) Ocean of Lotion

All who have tried this on burns and other skin irritations will attest to it's effectiveness. The first part of the recipe describes how to create a cannabis infused oil.

White Rasta recommends using Emu oil due to it's ability to penetrate the skin fully. You don't have to use Emu oil, this is just recommended. I'm 99% sure the stuff I use was not made with Emu oil, I believe it's made with olive, jojoba, or coconut oil. The second part of the recipe describes how to turn the cannabis infused oil recomended; jojoba,hemp,olive,almond,etc) or fat (ghee,emu,lard) into a smooth lotion. The lotion can be scented with various oils such as lavender oil or orange oil. In addition to scents, other ingredients can be added such as Vitamin E or other herbs that are good for the skin such as Aloe or Arnica Montana..You can also add stuff like Tiger Balm if ya wanted to.

Cannabis oil preparation:


- Oil
- Resinous trim
- Cheesecloth

Take your choice of oil and add 1 ounce of resinous leaf (sugar leaf) and\or small bud per 8 ounces of oil. Place both in a crockpot on low and allow to cook for 12+ hours. When making oil, I start making it in the evening and allow to cook overnight until the around Noon the following day. If you don't have a crockpot, you can use a double boiler or even a regular pot, just make sure it's on a low setting. If you've made budder before, the heat should be exactly the same for the oil.

Once you're oil is ready, allow for it to cool. Once it's cool enough to handle, take a piece of cheesecloth and place it on top of a pyrex bowl or measuring cup. Make sure the cheesecloth is secured somehow (you will be using this to filter the plant material from the oil). I find the easiest way to secure the cheesecloth is by tucking both ends under the pyrex bowl. Also, I don't completely unfold the cheesecloth, I leave it a few times doubled over to make sure all contaminants are filtered. Pour the oil through the cheesecloth. Once all the oil is strained through, throw on some rubber gloves and squeeze all of the oil out of the cheesecloth and plant material.

Next, White Rasta outlines how to take a basic Cannabis oil or fat and turn into a smooth creamy lotion...


- 24.0 oz distilled H2O
- 4.0oz strong cannabis oil or fat
- 1.2oz emusifying wax
- 1.2oz cosmetic grade stearic acid
- 1.0oz liquid vegetable glycerin
- .3oz germaben ( a natural preservative necesarry to prevent spoilage/rancidity)
- .3oz essential oil of your preference(remember the smell your already working with and try to compliment it)

TIP: For a cooling sunburn lotion menthol crystals can be added in place of/with the essential oils


Heat all ingredients in a double boiler until melted then whisk until creamy. Add the last two ingredients and whisk thoroughly.

Pour while warm into bottles.

Makes aproximately 32oz.