We have quite a few updates for you this week. We are hoping to get Dinafems Remo Chemo in soon and we have had quite a few new additions from the likes of TH Seeds, Kannabia and Exotic Seeds.

Back in stock – You can see the full list of recent back in stock items here

G13 Label Pineapple Express Fems
Expert Amnesia Haze Auto Fems
Buddha Purple Kush Auto Fems
Mephisto 24 Carat Auto Fems
Spliff Seeds Mega Power Plant Fems
Spliff Seeds Haze No1 Regs
Spliff Seeds Master Kush Regs
Spliff Seeds Royal Thai Regs
Spliff Seeds AK Regs
Spliff Seeds Blueberry Regs
Spliff Seeds Bubblegun Regs
Spliff Seeds Amnesiac Fems
Spliff Seeds BlueBerry Fems
Spliff Seeds Bubblegun Fems
Spliff Seeds Crystal White Fems
Spliff Seeds Fast Bud Outdoor Fems
Spliff Seeds Spliff Stilton Fems
Spliff Seeds Spliff Strawberry Fems
Spliff Seeds Sweet N Sour Fems
Holy Smoke Banana Crack Fems
Holy Smoke Banana Bread Fems
Purple Caper Gelato BX Regs
Short Stuff Auto Gorilla OG Fems
Mephisto Mystery Mix Auto Fems
Mephisto Sour Bubbly Auto Fems
Spliff Seeds AK Fems
Spliff Seeds CBD Medi Kush Fems
Rare Dankness Longs Peak Blue Regs

New Seeds Added – You can see the full list here

Sensi Big Bud Auto, 80% Indica, 45-50 Days flowering, Sweet and pungent aromas and flavours, Very physical effects

Sensi Afghani #1 Auto - 85% Indica, 40-45 Days flowering, Rich and spicy taste and flavour, Body stone and relaxing effects

TH Seeds Strawberry Glue - 60% Sativa, Strawbanana Cream (Karma Genetics) x Goji Glue, 56-63 Days flowering, 500-600 gr/m2 yields, Creamy strawberry flavour

TH Seeds French Cookies - Platinum Cookies heritage, 60% Sativa, 63-70 Days Flowering, 350-450 gr/m2 yields, Happy and creative effects

Exotic Green Gummy Auto - Green Gummy x (American Indica x Auto Skunk)F4, 9 Weeks Flowering, 450-500 gr/m2 yield, Sweet aroma, physical relaxing effect

Exotic Black Lemon Auto - (Black Haze Auto x Skunk Auto)F4, 8-9 Weeks Flowering, 400-450 gr/m2 yields, Citrus aroma and flavour, Creative and social effects

Exotic Mango Cream Auto - Mango Cream x (Blueberry x NYCD Auto), 9 Weeks Flowering, 450-500 gr/m2 yield, Suitable for indoors and out

Exotic Jungle Fever Auto - Thai x Russian Auto, 10 Weeks Flowering, 400-450 gr/m2 yields, Spicy, chemical flavours, Creative and cerebral effects

Exotic Blue Monkey - Gorilla Glue #4 x (Black Domina x Blueberry), 70% Indica, 9 Weeks flowering, harvest October, Fruity flavour, 400-450 gr/m2 yields

Kannabia Purple Kush - Black Domina x Purple Kush, 55-60 Days Flowering, Indica dominant with relaxing buzz
High THC, Low CBD, Indoors 500 gr/m2, Outdoors 800 gr/pp yields, Fruity, sweet, earthy flavours

Spliff Seeds CBD Medi Kush - Blue Medi Kush x Amnesiac x CBD Afghan, 11 Weeks Flowering, 75% Indica, THC 9%+, Super fruity flavour

Spliff Seeds Gold Bar Kush - Medical Kush x Orange Bud, 60% Indica, 9-10 Weeks flowering, High THC, ideal for depression, stress, fatigue, Orange, apricot, citrus and kush flavour

Spliff Seeds Moon Walker Kush - Blue Medi Kush x Skywalker OG, 80% Indica , 8-9 weeks flowering, High THC, Pungent lemon fuel kush flavour and aroma

Spliff Seeds AK Fems - (Colombian Gold x Highland Thai x Mexican x Afghani #1) X NL Special, 70% Indica, 8 weeks flowering, Spicy sweet flavours, Ideal for PMS, muscle pain, joint pain, MS, insomnia, depression

Mephisto Heisenberg Special Auto - Walter White x 24 Carat, Heigh of 100cm, Limited edition strain

Mephisto Triangle Auto - Triangle Kush x Alien OG, Yields of 3oz, Height of 90cm

Mephisto Sour Bubbly Auto - 24 Carat x Hubbabubbasmelloscope, Yields of 5oz+, Up to 120cm height, Sour, strong aromas with hints of bubblegum

Mephisto Deep Blue C F2 Auto - 24 Carat x Chem City Blues, Very strong aromas, will need filters, Very relaxing effects, Good for insomnia

Mephisto Auto Blues - Elite clone produces 2-3oz yields, Fruity and pungent aroma, 50-70cm height

Other Updates

We have a new regular pack deal. Get 30% off on our connoisseurs regular pack. It includes seeds from Dutch Passion, Nirvana, TGA Subcool and Humboldt Seed Organisation. You can see all the details here