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    does this strain have a name? i just threw it in flower and cant wait to see what these buds look like. polyhybrid of some very nice genetics.

    so i got the beans a while ago and popped em. they were in like half gal pots for a while and got stunted, i dont know what happened but they never really went anywhere, over two months they stayed the same size and i have so many plants and things going on i just left them hoping they would snap out of it. but i did wanna do this log so finally i transplanted them and they snapped out of it like they usually do when i transplant. theyre pretty healthy but not perfect. they get problems here and there.

    theyre about a foot and a half right now and in 2 gal bags so i threw them in flower last night. organic super soil.

    i dont have pics right now but i wanted to make this thread to motivate me to take some and post them. if i didnt make this thread i would just keep procrastinating until they were at the end of flower and thats not a proper log.

    veg to me is boring so ima start with flowering.. ill get some flicks up this week hopefully. maybe by then the'll get some prebuds going.

    cant wait to see these phenos

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    Where are your pics bro? Were dying to see what all the hype is about.

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