My Sublingual QWET elixir.
So after many readings of Bad Kitty Smiles and Grey Wolf, I've utilized what these geniuses have done into my own personal recipe for sublingual oil.

To start, I do a qwet Wash of my material. I've used both shake and Kief mixtures and some trim I was gifted. I begin by doing a three minute polar extraction with frozen everclear being poured over frozen material, which is placed inside the freezer. The material is sotred before placing into the freezer, after 1 minute and thirty seconds and then again after being removed from freezer. Then after quickly straining the liquid through a strainer and coffee filter, I pour the everclear into a pyrex dish sitting atop a pot of 180 degree water. After about 45 minutes, the oil should be ready to scrape. The scraped oil will be an amber, translucent, absolute.


Subsequent washes of the material are done, but the resulting shatter will not be as translucent and has a more heavy stone to it, and is not choice for my elixir. 3.5 grams of the first wash absolute shatter is then placed in a pyrex dish in a water bath at 212 degrees for 20 minuted for partial decarbing. I know a lot of people like to do the full decarb at this stage which would look like 252 degrees in an oil bath for around 30 minutes. I have found that doing this, and continuing my process results in a more sedative oil that is not as functional or clear as I want. After the 20 minutes I add 30 ml of liquid coconut oil or MCT oil to the melted hash oil. Within about 5 minutes of periodic bamboo skewer stirring, the oil fully mixes into a clear gold liquid. If any particulates are noticed at this time, the liquid is again filtered ( I can always spot a couple of random super tine things floating that must have somehow got into the oil post pyrex scraping). At this point, I add 1/2 teaspoon of soy lecithin granules (to increase bio availability) and the hash MCT oil to a very small pyrex measuring cup. After a brief stir with the bamboo skewer I cover with aluminum foil and bake for 1 hour at 210, switching to 220 after 30 minutes. I then freeze the oil for 24 hours (something about the molecules doing something magical , can't remember what Bad Kitty Smiles said, but I notice this step certainly increases the oil strength). Finally, after the 24 hours, I bake for another hour at 220 before letting cool and storing in a 1 ounce dropper bottler. Roughly, 1/3 of the dropper full (or .5 ml) of the mixture under the tongue kicks in within 3 minutes for all of the testers that have tried it thus far. The liquid can also be used to fill capsules or infuse recipes with virtually no nasty canna-taste.