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    More or less fellas I like to use larger items that are air tight to cure my medicine.
    If any of you remember the old paper bag trick,then this is close to hand.What Ive done it harvested everything and trimmed while we to separate for bho and larger trim and fan leafs go into another area under the same conditions.

    I like to use the funkfighter duffle bags.You can fit 2-3 maybe even 4 lbs of herb inside on.They also come in smaller book bag versions.But the duffle seems to suit me fine.One of my biggest problems is smell while drying because I dont have room to hang it in my grow space where it can be in the right conditions.

    The duffle bags work with a simple design.Carbon placed inside the bag inside the lining so any air escaping has been cleaned.
    I usually use two.

    First cut all the buds off the stems.Dont leave anything too large inside the buds.Trim to suit.Again I like to seperate now fans and such from the buds and good trim.I put that aside for oil.

    Then you lay down your first layer of trimmed buds onto the news paper at the bottom of the duffle.
    Then repeate with a few sheets of paper in between each layer to absorb moisture.I also like to twist up some paper and mix it in with the buds for added absorbance.

    You do not immediately seal it off.It usually takes about 4 days at room temps to reduce it to managable dense yet easily breakable buds.Now comes the time to switch out your newpaper and reapply and mimic the set up one more time.Only this time you will be using the triple zipper cabon lined top.Next you should closing it off then opening it repeatedly. Until all moisture from the inside of the buds come out,dries them sealed to bring it back out.Maybe 4 days of this and your good to roll.The cool thing is you keep all your smell contained.You can even squeeze built up gasses out through the carbon lining without any smell coming out of the bag.

    This thing has saved my life more than once.Fresh cut in the trunk.Pulled over.Thank god I used the duffle.It was about 150 but very well worth it.

    I plan to use it again after my upcoming fire inspection when I chop down my current run

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    This is very informative, here in Socal most of us just get a hanging screen and monitor the room temp & humidity. Depending on where you are at because we have lots of DRY AIR here.
    For great odorless buds or for cooking I like a water cure it totally removes all smells but isnt the easiest process.
    over the years I have grown less critical of the cure and more towards the proper flush or absorption of all the nutes. Im my experience if ya grow it right it taste bitchin soon as its dried.
    Thanks for sharing another great method and welcome to the boards.
    WHAT THE FUCKING FUCK!!!!! _Step Brothers

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    thankyou unmeg,
    i agree 110% that the proper absorbtion of available nutrients makes a huge difference.In grow methods such as tlo whch is a side project for me.I ran it for 2 yrs and went back to hempies to hope to increase my yeild which I have.I use floranova bloom as a one part flower nutrient.It is not fully organic but uses organic additives along with chelated nutrients.In flower after I get to about week 5 or 6 I start cutting the nova in half and using moab as a booster and then a week flush after all is said and done.Calmag,silica as a ph up 1.0 ec in veg 1.2 in flower 1.4 in late flower half being moab.

    Now for the tlo method I never flushed.Just waited until all nutes were absorbed.But in semi organic hydro I feel adding bacteria can be deadly and cause slime.I like to run a clean system in my hydro garden even some peroxide here and there.

    I appreciate the compliment really.Its good for containing smell as well as drying and curing the herb.Because those gases wont escape with out opening the bag or pushing through the carbon with force with a hydrometer in the bag your right on the money if you toss is in a dark closet and work in there flipping it and replacing news paper which is really the hardest part about this entire process.

    Maybe Im weird but I find separating suitable trim and buds is a lot easier when the material is wet rather than dry.You also ensure your not going to lose tons of crystals trimming bone dry.

    I like my buds to have a cure regardless wether it be this method or even a tote with news paper which is what i did before.It is a safe alternative to letting the plans hang to dry bumping each other losing thc and having the leafs all curl into the fans...Now if I wasnt after the bho Id still be hang drying but I love my errrl and count on it as medicine.

    Id give it a go I got mine on amazon but ebay will have them too.

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    Yeah that bag thing is interesting... I'm use to the Wonderbud products, you can cut a wet bud microwave it, and it is still flavorful. But as I've grown other bud over the years.
    I've found some strains flavor definetly changes with a 30 day cure. The more sativa strains are the ones that seem to change the most with cure time.

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