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    Marijuana Doesn't Belong On Schedule I

    Via: Rehab International
    The federal classification of marijuana as a Schedule I drug doesn't just defy all scientific evidence; it isn't just another way logic and reason are sacrificed on the altar of the War On Drugs.

    Marijuana's erroneous and nonsensical classification as a Schedule I substance is emblematic of all that is insane with marijuana policy in the United States. It is one big reason American drug policy serves as a worldwide laughingstock of ineffectiveness and futility.

    Why on earth are we still laboring under a system which equates cannabis with heroin, and considers pot to be more dangerous than cocaine or meth?

    Póg mo bán Irish thóin !

    Is gairid ár gcairt ar an saol seo ,,,

    Sláinte !

    "This is one race of people for whom psychoanalysis is of no use whatsoever."
    Sigmund Freud about the Irish

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    schedule 1 is the biggest hurdle to get marijuana legalized

    there will be no legal pot until it is removed, this is how the government chooses to ignore states rights and even the ATF now has said anybody who buys a gun that is a med patient is breaking the law

    Id add that caffeine is even more addicting the pot as it is a physical addiction, I dont get a massive headache every day if I havent had a bong hit like I do if I havent had my coffee
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    this place could have been cool - now its just another revenue stream - peace out!

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    Marijuana has been used by people from around the world for thousands of years. Medicinal marijuana has been found to have positive effects with cancer patients as far as helping to control nausea and increasing appetite with no notable long term effects.

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