I have to say, it was pretty nice buying some cannabis at a store front. Even if it took TWO YEARS for the shit to settle and the what's available isn't that great. I believe there are 3, possibly 4 outlets currently open for business here in Anchorage, with more to come in the summer. The licensed growers clearly had difficulty keeping up with demand, as the product wasn't really all that. I've smoked some strains with awesome brand names, "Moby Dick", "Lemon Sour Diesel", "Great White Somethingorother". All of which were professionally packaged, well labeled and weighed. Problem being, stuff smelled like lawn clippings. No proper dry, no proper cure. I understand that there's a rush to get to market but how are you going to sell kid stuff to people who've been smoking for as long as most people here have. The better deal is still on the street. Not to mention the better product. Ideally it'll improve dramatically over the coming months. Here's hopin'.