So today I ran across this lil tid bit because I certainly was not looking for High Times Cup again so soon. It appears that they are having yet another cup this year making the grand total since January at 3. Thats right 3 cups in 4 months here in SoCal.
I dont get it, how many times a year can ya give away the same effing trophies?
I understand the iron is hot and all but seriously these event are huge and the booths are expensive for the vendors.
This is quickly becoming a familiar sight, profiteers chasing down that all mighty dollar on the coattails of big business. This market is growing so fast and so many are trying to make a buck so make sure to pay attention to what is really going on.
Not all that enter this competition are in it for the love but just the money, not knocking that. Just trying to figure out where it all goes from here. Is HighTimes going to evolve into something like the NFL with multiple events in different regions and teams ?
I dont know and dont claim to know, just truly amazed that here it is April and my area has seen THREE CUPS....
Any Thoughts, Anyone Going ?