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    Hawai’i News Daily: SB 1460 – decriminalization of one ounce of marijuana: 24-0-1 (Shimabukuro was excused). It now moves over to the house.
    No arrest and a $100 fine for one ounce or less. Even for healthy people!

    SB 58 – increases plants, dried ounces, patient-caregiver ratio, clarifies transportation language. The bill was waived by the Senate Judiciary Chair, Clayton Hee, which allowed it to move on for a floor vote, and it passed third reading 24-0-1 (Shimabukuro was excused). It now moves to the house.
    Adds a “transfer for no consideration” clause similar to Oregon that allows any cardholder to freely exchange medicine and plants with any other cardholder.
    Adds protection for cardholders transporting medicine from island to island.
    Allows caregivers to be reimbursed for expenses incurred in providing medicine to a patient, again, similar to Oregon.
    Increases plant limits from 3 mature + 4 immature to 10 total cannabis plants (any stage) and possession limits from 1 ounce to 5 ounces.
    Specifies that a doctor signing for medical cannabis need not be the patient’s primary care physician.
    Specifies that a doctor need only attest to the fact that a patient has a qualifying condition and shall not actually name or describe the condition in the registration. (Wow! No more of these “Look, only 2% get cards for cancer and AIDS!” scares. All they will know is how many patients there are.)
    Increases caregiveratient ratio from 1:1 to 1:3 (caregivers could serve three patients).

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    woo hoo

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    Switzerland just FREED THE WEED...whoo hoo! I hate it that DC has MMJ, BUT NOT FLORIDA yet! Workin' on it!

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