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    Posted by FarmTheGanja

    How can I minimize my heat signature?

    Contributed by: snoofer
    Images archived 2003

    Infrared cameras are widely used by law enforcement for border patrol, grow room confirmation, and other surveillance operations. There is legal debate as to whether this technology is intrusive or non-invasive.

    Growers fear IR because it?s difficult to ?hide? invisible heat. Protecting yourself against excessive heat emissions is a good defensive measure. This FAQ focuses on masking heat emissions.

    What is infrared?
    Light and heat energy warm objects, which then re-radiate excess energy. Some of this excess energy is emitted as low-energy infrared. IR is invisible to the naked eye, but can be displayed and measured by specialized cameras.

    What does Leo look for?
    Officers are trained to look for hot spots on walls and windows, unusually warm foundations, exhaust emissions from vents and chimneys, and warming trends typical of marijuana grow operations. Leo will wait until evening or early morning (when the grow is up to full temperature and the air is cool). He will also look for light leaks, smells and other info at this time.

    Note: Leo will try to image a suspected grow-op from all angles, but is only legally able to do so from public property (ie. Sidewalks, roads, public paths, etc).

    Note: power companies occasionally image power pole transformers to see if they are abnormally hot (problems), and to source power theft.

    Legal implications
    (ExpensiveCloset) "A thermal imaging scan does not intrude in any way into the privacy and sanctity of a home?the privacy associated with a home, are (not) threatened by thermal imagery." (US supreme court ruling)

    "The Supreme Court ruled 5 to 4 on June 11 [2001] that police cannot use infrared heat-detecting technology to gather evidence from a private home without a search warrant" High Times, October 2001 (Pg.20)

    In Canada, IR is used in the pre-investigation phase. Positive results can then be used to obtain a search warrant.

    Will Insulation help?
    Conventional insulation will help block IR, but it is probably not enough by itself. A fully insulated wall (R 40) will hold heat much longer than a window (R 2). Concrete is a good conductor of heat; after hours of HID lighting, foundations will become abnormally warm.

    Most growers flower at night to take advantage of the naturally cooler air; unfortunately, a warm grow house will radiate lots of thermal energy compared to the cool night air.

    How do I mask my heat emissions?
    Note: Small grows (under 2000w) would probably not emit enough heat to warrant the effort or expense.

    Note: Reducing grow room temperature will reduce heat emissions; however, the grow room will still be warmer than surrounding basement rooms.

    This technique creates a false wall to contain cold air. Interlocking rigid foam panels prevent hot grow room air from contacting and warming house walls. Cold air is blown into the gap between the foam and the walls for maximum protection. The wall?s exterior will appear ?cold? to an IR camera, indicating a negative for internal heat.

    ? "Partial room" (insulate exposed walls only)
    ? "Room in a room" (entire rooms are insulated)

    *Floor. Concrete foundations absorb heat readily. Build a sub floor to raise the entire grow off the floor.

    *Walls. Use interlocking 1.5 or 2? foam insulation along all exposed walls. Place the insulation 1-4? away from walls, fit foam panels from floor to ceiling (some cutting may be required), and blow cold air into the gap. Seal seams and corners with tape. Cover walls with Mylar to reflect heat back into the room.

    *Windows. Windows are essentially uninsulated, so you must fill the gap with insulation. Draw the curtains/blinds, add black poly behind, then add insulation.

    Drawing description
    A ? Public property that Leo can image from

    B ? Internal basement room. Grow room heat will still be noticeable, and this side needs protection.

    C -- ?Safe? basement rooms. Put ballasts and reservoir outside to minimize heat

    D ? Partially insulated growroom. The pink band is the interlocking foam insulation, the blue band is the cold air contained between the insulation and the house walls. The window on the bottom of the picture can be open to allow cold air to enter the air gap. Room temperature air can also be blown in from an adjacent basement room through a hole in the foam panels.

    Hiding the Exhaust
    Safely exhausting hot air is difficult; Leo looks for unusual heat emissions coming from opened windows, chimneys, dryer vents and other handy places. Note: running exhaust to outside sheds, barns and tree stumps is well known to Leo.

    Exhaust down the sewer Every house has a sewer vent standpipe. By venting down the sewer, the exhaust will be chilled and smell is distributed amongst you and your neighbors. The sewer cleanout access is often a 3-way 4? abs ?T? with a threaded cap somewhere in the basement. Remove cap, and hook your blower to the T (A 4? to 3? adapter funnel may be required) and run blower 24/7. This will not affect normal use of the sewer

    Cool exhaust with water
    Place a wet towel (wicking water from a tray underneath) partially over the end of the exhaust. Spraying water inside the exhaust pipe works as well.

    Underground exhaust
    Running the exhaust through a long, buried pipe helps to cool the air. Perimeter drains can be used for this.

    Water-cooled lights
    Running water cooled lights is very effective; IR heat from the lights are washed down the drain. Water cooled light systems are currently difficult to source, and have drawbacks including cost, condensation and leaks.

    Tools for the grower:
    Note: most ?night vision? devices use UV (ultraviolet) and not longwave IR detection.

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    How do I safely purchase Cannabis growing equipment?

    Contributed by: Burramys Parvus
    Submitted: 03-08-2003

    This list is for the highly paranoid. Some of the following are highly unlikely, but possible. Although it is not illegal/criminal to purchase growing equipment, if you can avoid attracting unwanted attention, you've got less to worry about. It really depends on the cops in your part of the world, but never think LEO aren't intelligent, their job is to screw you over. The following information may not be 100% relevant to your situation, this was written for a wide variety of people and situations.

    Paying with a credit card is the biggest mistake you can make, as all the things you buy, and all your personal information become available to the cops. LEO can (and will) search this kind of information. Your hydro gear will show up on your credit statement, and on the store?s copy. Do not under-estimate LEO! They do know what is needed to grow, and will search for it.

    If the people in the grow shop suspect that you are growing cannabis, all they have to do is look outside and get your plates. This may sound like a bit of a paranoid thing to do, but park around the corner, or down the block! After all, the less information they have about you, the better.

    Don?t think about taking public transport, you never want to have to drag bulky grow equipment through buses, trains, and streets. Again, this could attract more attention than it will avoid. Perhaps, take a ?safe? car. Also, do not go directly home. This will eliminate a tail (in the unlikely event you picked one up).

    This means that you should not walk into the shop with a "YES I CANNABIS" shirt, and a black hat with a cannabis leaf on the front. Going into a shop stoned will not help either. Wearing respectable clothes, and looking well groomed will eliminate the idea that you are the worlds biggest stoner, possibley purchasing all this gear for the cultivation of an illegal 'erb!

    Depending on the person in the shop, they could alert the cops and give them your name, a list of things you bought (if you were stupid), your house address, your car's plates etc. This is not a good thing! If the person at the counter will recongnise you tomorrow, you've screwed up. Do not leave an impression on these people, be a ghost. If you are absolutely average, they wont remember you when you go back to get other equipment, and wont ask questions. When you leave the shop, ask them if they have a box you can put your gear in. Walking from the shop to the car opens yourself up to all kinds of attention, if you've got an HPS, nutes etc under your arms!

    People at grow shops aren't stupid. They know what people need to grow tomato's, lettuce etc. They also know what is not needed to grow these 'normal' things. If you walk into a shop, and purchase everything needed for cannabis cultivation, they might suspect something.

    Don?t flounder about in the shop, you will get stressed and make mistakes. Know exactly what you want before you enter the shop, go in, get the stuff, come out. No problems. If you have to start asking people WHERE ARE YOU NUTES, I NEED TO SET UP A 100 BUCKET DWC SYSTEM, I NEED HPS LIGHTS FOR FLOWERING...

    Knowing who is in the shop, remembering faces, remembering cars in the parking lot. This can be an valuable asset, because if you see these same cars/people in random places, be suspicious. Don't freak out if you fear you are being watched, just act normally, do what you can without incriminating yourself any further, and slowly but surely, GET THE HELL OUTTA THERE!

    If you can get a very trusted friend to get it all for you, then you can relax. Obviously, they aren?t growing, since he bought the equipment for you. The cops can watch your friend all they want, they don?t know that you are the one who is actually growing!

    Perhaps put an old cardboard box in your car, and before going into the house, pack all the stuff into the box. This just means that nosey neighbors wont have a clue. Neighbors will watch you, don?t be so stupid to think they wont. After all, some neighbors can be very nosey. Carrying equipment in using black garbage bags is a definite no-no! Try using either a backpack or an old TV box, then everyone can look at you, and they'll just think you've got a new TV.

    For the really paranoid, it might be a good idea to buy your lighting from one shop, drive across town and buy your nutes/soil from another shop and so forth. This will eliminate the people making a direct connection between you, and cannabis cultivation. Of course, pay only with cash, as LEO could see that you've made 6 different purchases, from all over town, with the exact equipment for cultivating cannabis. This would be a sure sign that something is up.

    If the person in the grow shop politely asks "What are you going to be growing" and you fumble and say "PEACHES", that could be a sign that you're stressed, and are hiding something. Research other things that require similar things to cannabis. For example, if you are wanting to buy a few HPS's, find out what other plant requires a good HPS. This also relates to other equipment. This will help you walk into the shop confidently, and have no paranoia during the purchase. An idea (but be careful, this may not apply to every situation) is to say you are buying it for your boss, and you were just instructed to go to the shop and get it for him. HPS lights are used commonly as security lights, use that to your advantage.

    Take your time planning everything. I?m sure you've paid much attention to ensuring your house wont smell of bud, that your grow room is light proof, why would you go attracting attention to yourself when purchasing the goods?

    This is something many people overlook, and can result in paranoia attacks later on in your grow (when it really counts). The means that you shouldn?t leave your wallet on the counter, don?t give them your phone-number, don?t smell of weed, don?t fumble when asked questions. The number one rule is safety, and if these people have no hint of an idea that you are growing weed, that is excellent! Just be careful, be calm, and be confident.

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    Some helpful tips:
    *Be polite, these people are just trying to do their job, and depending on the person, that may mean alerting LEO to your activities. If you can prove your a nice person, there is less risk of them getting frustrated with you, and less risk of them alerting LEO.

    *Buy whatever you can from non-grow shops, for example, buying a HPS security light from a hardware store will save much hassle, no-one will suspect a thing.

    *Don't call them before you go, especially not on a cell phone. If you need to know what products they have, let friends go for you (or let a friend call them), or you could use the internet. If they are a larger shop, they will more than likely have a good website with a product list. Try to resist purchasing things over the website, you never know how secure it is.

    *Remember, as far as they are concerned, you are buying this stuff to grow perfectly LEGAL things. Relax.

    *The customer is always right (that being you). These people are here to sell you a legit product, and you are there to pay them money and use it for legit purposes. They want your business! That?s all they should (and usually) do care about you, and your situation. Not all people are like this, so trust your instincts on this one.

    Online purchases

    (If you feel you have to purchase equipment online, make sure they accept cash, they deliver with a courier, and that you use false information. Also check that they do not store customer information in their databases. Make sure the site is secure, and use a proxy)

    What type of lock should I buy?

    A man once said, you?re only as strong as your weakest link. When designing a grow box/room we sometimes forget about the security aspect of what were doing. We get so involved in the safety of our plants, we sometimes forgot about our safety. Inside these rooms and box's we have a great secret that few people know about, and we want to keep it that way.

    A lot of people don't use locks on there grow box/room. The main reason for this lack of security is that the people assume that while they?re away no one will go through their things. Now, humans are naturally curious. If your landlord, roommate, mate, etc., sees a box with cords coming from it in your home, there suspicion will be peaked.

    Whether you know it or not someone is going to try and take a look in that box/room. However we can keep these curious people out, and our freedom with just a few extra bucks worth of equipment. LOCKS are a forgotten piece of security that we need to revive. The main reason for having a lock on your grow room is not for the reasons you can think of, but for the ones you cant.

    Now, most people will suggest going with a standard 1-1/8" Chrome Drawer and Cabinet Lock. As you can see by the PIC below they are cheap (4-5 bucks), but are easy to pick. Any 13 year old or nosey landlord can pick them with ease.

    Type?s of Padlocks (Basic Security)

    Warded Locks

    - Warded Mechanism Resists Jamming
    - Steel Shackle for Cut Resistance
    - Designed for Basic Security Applications

    Dial Combination Locks

    - Keyless Convenience, 3 Digit Combination
    - Hardened Steel Shackles for Cut Resistance
    - Stainless Steel Case for Weatherability

    Solid Brass Locks

    - Combination and Pin Tumbler Mechanisms Available
    - Steel and Hardened Steel Shackles Available
    - Solid Brass Body Resists Rusting

    Solid Brass Locks

    - Combination and Pin Tumbler Mechanisms Available
    - Steel and Hardened Steel Shackles Available
    - Solid Brass Body Resists Rusting

    Types of Padlocks (High Security)

    Laminated Pin Tumbler Locks

    - 4 Spring Loaded "Pins" for Increased Pick Resistance
    - "Keyed Alike" Locks for One Key Convenience
    - Hardened Steel Shackles Resist Cutting and Prying
    - Shrouded Shackles Available for Increased Cut and Pry Resistance
    - Long Shackles Available to Cover All Applications
    - Body Sizes Available: 1" to 2-1/8"
    - Plated and Covered Body Styles Available for Weatherability

    Types of Padlocks (Professional Security)

    Solid Body Steel Locks

    - Rekeyable for Flexible Security
    - 5-Pin Key Cylinder for Maximum Pick Resistance
    - Boron Steel Shackles for Added Cut and Pry Resistance
    - Long Shackles Available for Larger Applications
    - Stainless Steel for Maximum Weatherability

    These locks will cost you between 15 and 30 USD depending on the lock. It may seem like a lot more to pay compared to a simple cabinet lock, but when your away from your home no price is to large for a piece of mind.

    What are the basics of keeping a low profile?

    In any war, intelligence--information about the enemy--lays the groundwork for attack. So, the less police know about growers the better. Law enforcement collects most of the information about the enemy from the enemy. By controlling their activities and surroundings, growers minimize what law enforcement knows about them and the accompanying aftermath. Your activities--where you go, how you go there, what you buy, how you pay for it, who you talk to, what you say--are all things you can control. Your surroundings--your home, growroom, outside property, electrical use, air quality, and visitors--are also parts of your environment that you are able to control.

    Never trust anybody, not friends, not family, not even your own children or mother! US conspiracy laws make it possible to jail victims for what they say or what is said about them. America reminds me of Cuba is this regard. A few years ago while visiting the forbidden island, I was amazed to find so many parallels between Cuba and the United States. One of the most striking similarities the two countries share is the fact that what you say or what is said about you can land you in jail!

    When it comes to war, you can throw out the Constitution and The Bill of Rights. As federal Judge Jack Shanstrom told the jury before deliberation on the Jodie Israel marijuana-conspiracy case, "an overt act does not itself have to be unlawful. A lawful act may be an element of a conspiracy if it was done for the purpose of carrying out the conspiracy. The government is not required to prove that the defendant personally did one of the overt acts. Once you have decided that the defendant was a member of the conspiracy, the defendant is responsible for what other conspirators said or did to carry out the conspiracy, whether or not the defendant knew what they said or did."

    The Judge continued: "A defendant's knowledge of and participation in a conspiracy may be inferred from circumstantial evidence and from evidence of the defendant's action. Acts which seem otherwise innocent, when viewed in the context of the surrounding circumstances, may justify an inference of complicity."

    The most dangerous places to visit or telephone include other growrooms, stores that cater to indoor gardeners, and anywhere illegal drugs are being used. Although very tempting, avoid visiting other growrooms. You never know when or how they are being monitored by law enforcement. Your presence at another growroom could tie you to it. Testimony by the grower could implicate you and your grow operation even if they've never been to your garden!

    Using your telephone is an obvious no-no! Technology today makes tracking telephone numbers and their locations very easy. Use a pay telephone to make calls when it involves a garden. A case involving a police department that subpoenaed telephone company records of a garden store is currently being heard in federal court. Phone records showed the telephone numbers that were used to call the store. Narcs tracked these numbers down and watched the homes where they were located. More than 1000 arrests resulted! Was the police action legal? The courts are determining that now. Meanwhile, a thousand POWs were taken over a four-year period. Who knows how many police stations are using these same tactics?

    When calling or visiting an indoor garden store, never, ever mention marijuana or anything illegal. Do not allude to growing anything illegal. They will be forced to kick you out or hang up immediately.

    Stories abound about narcs watching garden-store parking lots and following clients home. You never know when law enforcement will bring the battlefield to the parking lot. Assume they are there. If you must go to a dangerous place, do not go there regularly and do not drive your own car. Take public transportation or go in a car not registered to you or anybody in your family.

    Cash tells no tales and leaves no trails. Pay for all purchases relating to the growroom in cash. If you must order something by mail or UPS, pay with a money order that was purchased in cash. Avoid the convenience of using a credit card. Even if it's someone else's, you immediately become a bargaining chip for them if they have any legal problems.

    Do not take photos of your garden that show incriminating evidence such as peoples faces, tattoos or anything traceable, such as telephone or license-plate numbers, addresses on a letter, etc. When taking photographs to be developed, do not list your telephone number or address on the receipt. Pay for the photos in cash and do not drive your car to the store.

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    If you live in the United States, never, never, ever show your growroom to anybody! Do not tell anybody you are growing or have ever grown! Always deny growing. Such information in the hands of someone else renders you powerless. The word "friend" rolls off the tongue so easily until the "friend" is interrogated by law enforcement. Two of the major weapons cops have in their arsenal are deception and intimidation. They lie and intimidate petrified growers to extort information from them.

    When a grower is arrested, they are interrogated--not like in the movies, but for real. The interrogation is not over one or two sessions. It often goes on for months. During this time, the accused (without being proved guilty) is coerced into providing information about other growers. Even if they do not know anything about those growers, they are pressured to make up information so the police can use this erroneous information to secure search warrants. Guilt by association has blindsided more than one grower.
    A jealous, spiteful or vindictive friend, lover or enemy has complete control over you and your future if they know you are growing. Imagine, just on the whim of a snitch, your life can be changed forever. I met a grower who was cultivating marijuana as medicine to ease the side effects of chemotherapy he was receiving. His vindictive daughter forced him to grow a bigger crop than he needed, sell the excess and pay her the proceeds in exchange for not ratting him out. I could feel the pain in the poor man's words when he told me the story.

    Once law enforcement has stumbled across evidence, received solicited evidence from spiteful snitches or coerced evidence from freaked-out friends trying to save themselves, they go out and look for information by subpoena, phone records, electric records, shopping records, etc., and then deploy more sophisticated snoop tactics, most often dogs trained to sniff marijuana.

    All that I've got to say is have a lawyer, be prepared. Cops are sneaky, be sneakier. Get a big dog, and have a secured property. Make sure that no one can get in unless you let them in, including cops. Be safe brothers and sisters, and Overgrow the Governments!

    What security tactics are good for outdoor plots?

    I can not stress this enough and I'm sure I have tons of back on this statement. I personally have never grown outside, since alaska is so good. I have grown in california outdoors.DO NOT USE HARMFUL/LETHAL DEVICES TO SECURE YOUR PLOT!! You know how the cops look at that? "These marijuana growers use bear traps, sawed off shotguns with tripwires, etc to protect their crop" That looks really bad on the cannabis community. Don't do it. There's a thing called camouflage. Use the native brush to your ability. I am aware that cannabis doesn't blend in with 90% of forests. Sh*t happens. I've heard of people use infrared systems that take pictures and/or start recording video when an object of particular size/temperature enters the vicinity. It won't help too much theft-wise but you can see if there's cops scoping your plot so you know just to lay low and forget about it, its gone. Some people use alarms connected to tripwires. These cause great amounts of attention but if you set them low enough to scare the person, they'll run. But please follow the Golden Outdoor Rule. Be creative and be safe.

    ACLU Bust Card

    Be polite and respectful. Never bad-mouth a police officer.

    Stay calm and in control of your words, body language and emotions.

    Don't get into an argument with the police.

    Remember, anything you say or do can be used against you.

    Keep your hands where the police can see them.

    Don't run. Don't touch any police officer.

    Don't resist even if you believe you are innocent.

    Don't complain on the scene or tell the police they're wrong or that you're going to file a complaint.

    Do not make any statements regarding the incident. Ask for a lawyer immediately upon your arrest.

    Remember officers' badge & patrol car numbers.

    Write down everything you remember ASAP.

    Try to find witnesses & their names & phone numbers.

    If you are injured, take photographs of the injuries as soon as possible, but make sure you seek medical attention first.

    If you feel your rights have been violated, file a written complaint with police department's internal affairs division or civilian complaint board.




    1. What you say to the police is always important.
    What you say can be used against you, and it can give the police an excuse to arrest you, especially if you bad-mouth a police officer.

    2. You don't have to answer a police officer's
    questions, but you must show your driver's license and registration when stopped in a car. In other
    situations, you can't legally be arrested for refusing to identify yourself to a police officer.

    3. You don't have to consent to any search of
    yourself, your car or your house. If you DO consent to a search, it can affect your rights later in court.
    If the police say they have a search warrant,

    4. Do not interfere with, or obstruct the police -- you can be arrested for it.


    1. It's not a crime to refuse to answer questions, but refusing to answer can make the police suspicious about you. You can't be arrested merely for refusing to identify yourself on the street.

    2. Police may "pat-down" your clothing if they suspect a concealed weapon. Don't physically resist, but make it clear that you don't consent to any further search.

    3. Ask if you are under arrest. If you are, you have a right to know why.

    4. Don't bad-mouth the police officer or run away, even if you believe what is happening is
    unreasonable. That could lead to your arrest.


    1. Upon request, show them your driver's license,
    registration, and proof of insurance. In certain cases, your car can be searched without a warrant as long as the police have probable cause. To protect yourself later, you should make it clear that you do not consent to a search. It is not lawful for police to arrest you simply for refusing to consent to a search.

    2. If you're given a ticket, you should sign it; otherwise you can be arrested. You can always fight the case in court later.

    3. If you're suspected of drunk driving (DWI) and refuse to take a blood, urine or breath test, your driver's license may be suspended.



    1. You have the right to remain silent and to talk to a lawyer before you talk to the police. Tell the police
    nothing except your name and address. Don't give any explanations, excuses or stories. You can make your defense later, in court, based on what you and your lawyer decide is best.

    2. Ask to see a lawyer immediately. If you can't pay for a lawyer, you have a right to a free one, and should ask the police how the lawyer can be contacted.
    Don't say anything without a lawyer.

    3. Within a reasonable time after your arrest, or
    booking, you have the right to make a local phone call: to a lawyer, bail bondsman, a relative or any other person. The police may not listen to the call to the lawyer.

    4. Sometimes you can be released without bail, or have bail lowered. Have your lawyer ask the judge about this possibility. You must be taken before the judge on the next court day after arrest.

    5. Do not make any decisions in your case until you have talked with a lawyer.


    1. If the police knock and ask to enter your home, you don't have to admit them unless they have a warrant signed by a judge.

    2. However, in some emergency situations (like when a person is screaming for help inside, or when the police are chasing someone) officers are allowed to enter and search your home without a warrant.

    3. If you are arrested, the police can search you and the area close by. If you are in a building, "close by" usually means just the room you are in.

    We all recognize the need for effective law enforcement, but we should also understand our own rights and responsibilities -- especially in our relationships with the police. Everyone, including minors, has the right to courteous and respectful police treatment.

    If your rights are violated, don't try to deal with the situation at the scene. You can discuss the matter with an attorney afterwards, or file a complaint with the Internal Affairs or Civilian Complaint Board.

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