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On this week's episode of the Web's Fvaourite Cannabis Podcast, the Dopefiend looks at the idea of meditation "on the natch" and talks about his inexplicable feeling of fear in response to the idea of Vipassana meditation, before moving on to a response to last week's podcast from Cosmic Lettuce, which leads the Dopefiend to ruminate on the filters of "mind" and "ego", which allow us to participate in consensus reality, yet which also separate us from our own truly authentic experience of the world, and whether it is the abaility to experience this without the filters which leads to the creation of truly great works of art. The Dopefiend links this to his understanding of his personal negative thought processes, how they have affected his relationship with cannabis and other drugs and how they have inhibited his creativity, and also talks about how his recent encounter with the work of Jack Kerouac has shone a different light on the whole thing, and leads him to ask whether artists must ultimately choose between a filtered existence and one of isolation. Heading into the VaporLounge, the Dopefiend takes an opportunity to try out a new vapor-density enhancement widget created by former Dopecast guest Andrew Miller in direct repsonse to the Dopefiend's feedback to his invention, the PuffIT vaporizer. Following a musical interlude from angelic-voiced Malaysian singer Zee Avi, the Dopefiend reads an awesome email from Twitter Triber O'Dirkus, before the Cannabis News, featuring the latest on the federal crackdown on California's dispensaries, how Oakland is fighting the fed's attempts to shut down the Harborside Health Centre, a SWAT team mistakenly attacks a twelve year-old girl with a grenade, and the New Orleans city attorney who dropped a joint in court.

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