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On this week's episode of the Web's Favourite Cannabis Podcast, the Dopefiend sets forth on his first ever solo wilderness walkabout in the South Downs, where he talks about feeling the need to escape his own consciousness by being in wide open spaces with only his thoughts and nature for company. The Dopefiend reads an email of support from Smoke Jaguar, who writes about how he is going through his own personal struggle, and suggests a musical interlude which conveys his own sense of grief. Next, we hear the Dopefiend's childlike excitement as he encounters horses, sheep, a babbling brook, paragliders, and some unidentified foliage with which he, inexplicably, decides to get involved. After more freedom-inspired music, the Dopefiend battles with wind in his microphone as he attempts to demonstrate a moving meditation, imparted to him by a pagan witch, and since used to great effect with several DopeTribers, including the Duke of Dope. Next, Shock and Stoo bring us news of how Dutch coffeeshop owners are fighting the ban on cannabis tourism, why newborn babies are testing positice for cannabis, the Washington DC Court of Appeals hears arguments to reschedule cannabis, the diplomat imprisoned for smuggling 123 pounds of pot, and more on Uruguay's moves towards legalisation. Finally, the Dopefiend settles down by the banks of a river to toke away his last half hour before catching the train back to real life.

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