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On this week's episode of the Web's Favourite Cannabis Podcast, the Dopefiend talks to DopeTriber Weeshug, who is currently facing a 2-year prison sentence for his small, personal, medical grow operation. Weeshug tells how the police discovered his grow, which supplied him with much-needed pain medication until he was forced to stop growing and use prescription opiates, and explains why this turn of events, coupled with the threat of prison time, is particularly troubling for a recovering heroin addict with seven years' sobriety. The Dopefiend and Weeshug discuss how despite recent sentencing guidelines which supposedly favour personal, medical growers, the police and courts are still able to punish otherwise law-abiding, productive members of society to the full extent of the law, for no crime other than the treatment of their pain without resorting to the criminal marketplace. Next, the Dopefiend heads into the VaporLounge to inhale some earthy Durban Skunk vapour from his Arizer Solo while talking about where he stands following the immense emotional upheaval described in last week's Dopecast. The Dopefiend talks about how we all are expected to compromise our creative drives in order to function in consensus reality, and the strain under which this puts us all, linking this theme to his own journey of self-discovery over the seven-year history of the Dopecast, and his plans to maintain his new-found close allignment with his true self. Following a musical interlude from Australian DopeTriber Psilophyte, the Dopefiend turns to the rafts of email response to last week's Dopecast, including some personal stories of affinity from the DopeTribe.

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