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On this week's deeply personal episode of the Web's Favourite Cannabis Podcast, the Dopefiend welcomes the DopeTribe into his understanding of the extraordinary journey on which the last eleven days have taken him, one which began with joyful and utterly uninihibited psychedelic exploration in a very wet English countryside, and took him through the full gamut of human experience and emotion, from joy to pain, love to fear, bliss to grief, exhilaration to despair, and every conceivable junction in between. The Dopefiend talks of his experience taking psilocybin analogue 4-aco-dmt, a disappointing LSD trip which never quite took hold, and the true soaring heights of utter bliss found in sharing the glowing mists of MDMA space with trusted friends gathered around an eternal campfire. Then, the Dopefiend explains how such dizzying new heights in the story of his life were accompanied by the deepest, darkest pits of blackness he has ever encountered, which have shaped his understanding of who he is in a profound and deeply challenging, identity-shattering way. Following a twofold musical interlude which combines the rich harmony of his expedition into Beauty with the stubborn determination to stare into the obsidian eyes of his most terrifying inner demons, the Dopefiend also shares another surreal occurence from the last few days, the return of Floydhead to the ongoing saga of the DopeTribe, and his own explanation for some astonishing recent activity. Finally the Dopefiend talks about how this story has challenged his relationship with the "Dopefiend" character, and confirmed his convictions that major adjustments to how the Dopefiend relates to the Podcast Network are approaching.

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