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On this week's episode of the Web's Favourite Cannabis Podcast, the Dopefiend talks about the news that has cannabis users the world over abuzz: Uruguay's decision to fully legalize, tax and regulate the supply of Cannabis to its 3.3 million inhabitants, and whether it may prove the first step in a global movement of legalization in the name of financial recovery. Turning to the emails, the Dopefiend reads an account from Blank Steve of his recent arrest and caution on the streets of London for smoking Northern Lights in public, leading the Dopefiend to give his own advice for dealing with British police if faced with a similar situation, before turning to the subject of a ritual or ceremony for cannabis use, with input from Lord Kalkin, and an update on the Dopefiend's own thoughts on the matter. After breaking a record-breaking dopefast, the Dopefiend settles back into a long-awaited stone to appreciate a musical interlude from Taboosoundz, before talking about the impact of cannabis use on dreams, the sorrows of having no regular supply of herb, how cannabis compares to alcohol as a social lubricant, and we get an email review of the Aromed vaporizer from Kiwinol. Finally, after some good news from Grow Guru Zandor, Me of Mangled Meditations makes his debut as a newscaster on the Dopecast, with some off-beat stories including Charlie Sheen, Illegal bank deposits, South America's New Amsterdam, and some surprising news of his own!

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