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On this week's episode of the Web's Favourite Cannabis Podcast, the Dopefiend talks about Tommy Chong's recent announcement that he has been diagnosed with prostate cancer, and that he intends to treat it using the hemp oil cure made famous by Rick Simpson. The Dopefiend also gives his response to Tommy's desire that cannabis be decriminalised but not taxed, and talks about why he feels this is an idealistic yet naive goal for the cannabis community. Turning to the emails, the Dopefiend looks at the response to his recent commentary on the news coverage of the face-eating attack by mentally ill Rudy Eugene, leading to some discussion of the possibility that those prone to cannabis-related psychosis may be incapable of regulating their own usage pattern, and also some commentary on how misreporting has led to widespread confusion about the truth behind the use of so-called "bath salts", as well as an answer to the dilemma of whether it is preferable to sell cannabis to fifteen year-olds than have them legally buy synthetic cannabinoids. Heading into the VaporLounge the Dopefiend speaks candidly about why he has chosen to extend his current fast from cannabis use by a second week, how this particular fast has impacted his emotional and mental well-being, and how some DopeTribers are still unwilling to accept the Dopefiend's choice to regulate his own usage pattern by regularly abstaining. After a musical interlude from European trance heroes Rosengren & Chelly, the Dopefiend returns to the emails and discusses the safety or unsafety of driving while high in the light of British government plans to prosecute drivers who have cannabis in their bloodstream, and also talks more about the recent decision by IOLITE to suspend production of the WISPR vaporizer. In this week's Cannabis News, Cannaya covers the possibility of legalisation of cannabis in Uruguay, how DEA Administrator Michelle Leonhart responded to a recent grilling over the true harms of drugs, Washington's overwhelming support for legalization, and how the daughter of John McCain has also come out in favour of legalized cannabis.

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