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On this week's episode of the Web's Favourite Cannabis Podcast, the Dopefiend talks about the very sad news that hard times have fallen on Zandor and Mrs Z, forcing them to call an end to their much loved podcast The Grow Report. The Dopefiend talks about his sadness upon hearing this news, and how he has always considered Zandor a close friend and ally in the journey, even though they have never met in person. Next, Samwise interviews Australian former stoner Eli Divine about her struggle with the dreaded Cannabinoid Hyperemesis, also known as Cannabis Morning Sickness, which has led her to give up our beloved herb entirely. Eli also talks to Samwise about her experience with psychedelics, and why she feels a sober lifestyle suits her better. Following this, the Dopefiend talks about how some sufferers of Cannabinoid Hyperemesis have found a way to continue using cannabis despite their condition, and also talks about how he himself finds regular breaks from cannabis use enhance his enjoyment of the experience. Following an email from Jamin describing his exploits encountering sticky herb in Cambodia, and a musical interlude produced by Jamin himself, the Dopefiend talks about Pothead's plans for a seaside Skegness Dopetribe meet-up this summer, and also talks about the #fridayart trend among the Twitter Dopetribe. After the Dopefiend brings us some exclusive news from IOLITE about their decision to suspend production of the WISPR vaporizer so that they can make some big internal modifications to its issue-ridden design, Shock and Stoo bring us the latest Cannabis News, including the latest on the battle to keep cannabis tourism legal in the Netherlands, New York's governor supports an end to the state's controversial stop-and-search practices, will New York's 17th attempt to pass medical marijuana regulation fare better than the previous 16?, the new cannabis social network from Steve Kubby, and the study that shows teens smoke pot more regularly than cigarettes.

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