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On this week's episode of the Web's Favourite Cannabis Podcast, the Dopefiend talks about the recent attack by face-eater Rudy Eugene, how the press immediately blamed drug abuse for the attack, and how blogger Robert Arthur has shown that it may actually be the face-eater's recent decision to abstain from cannabis use which led to the violent outburst. Turning to the emails, the Dopefiend talks about the risks of growing cannabis, and what volume of production and supply can be considered safe, and also responds to questions from the DopeTribe about the Cloud vaporizer, which has suffered numerous delays in production. Heading into the VaporLounge, the Dopefiend fires up his Arizer Solo and sings its praises while enjoying some tasty UK Cheese, then talks about an extraordinary and truly beautiful LSD adventure which he shared with DopeTribe elders Son of Gonzo and Flick. After a musical interlude from regular contributor Jekcheck, we hear from Samwise about his encounter with a vapo-curious Quokka, before HomertheStoner returns to bring us the Cannabis News, including the new strain of cannabis which doesn't get you high, how children as young as eleven are being busted in Britain, the latest from Professor David Nutt, and the lies told by the British Lung Foundation about the dangers of cannabis use.

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