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    aka "Subcooled Cuttings"

    The crisper drawer and a ziploc bag will provide a suitable stasis* chamber for fresh cuttings for up to around 6..7..8 weeks.
    (*Stasis= maintaining a constant level...Stable state...dormant)

    In order to obtain this sort of longevity in the fridge, the bag containing the dry**, unrooted branches should be opened to breathe at least once a week,better yet,twice a week. Partially puff the bag before sealing with your breath...
    Cuttings that are kept in the refrigerator this way actually will root faster than conventional non-refrigerated cuttings once they are removed from the coolness of the refrigerator on up to a point of about 2 or 3 weeks, which at that time they will take proceed to take longer to root and you may even just lose a few.
    Important: When they are removed from the refrigerator to be rooted, be sure to recut the stem.

    The holding of cuttings in "fridge stasis" opens the door to many possibilities such as... testing many different males, holding strains while evaluating, changing the way you time your mothers,... etc..

    **When we take clones they go in marked thick freezer bags with a mist of water but not to much.-Subcool
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    What a interesting idea! I have all the books, bible etc, never heard of this! Creates all kinds of possibilities! Thanks!

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