Just got done reading up a bit over on a different canna site on breeding and whatnot, and from what I can gather the selection of males for structure/smell/resin production is totally hogwash. There is no way to know (other than rigorous and painstaking testing [read; time consuming]) what kind of traits a male will pass onto his female progeny. Therefore what I'll be doing and what I've read of many other hobbyist breeders doing is something akin to a selective open pollination. Flower out all your males, collect pollen, mix em up in a bag and dust your desirable females with the collective male representation of that generation. This is much preferable to the classic "this bitch smokes good, this dude looks good" approach for several reasons, the most notable and important of these is that there will be a much less harmful and vigor killing "bottlenecking" effect on the gene pool. The males are all represented in the progeny and thus no vigor is lost (or at least exponentially less vigor than if the males were tightly selected along with the females).

So unless you're going to selectively pollinate every female to every male and painstakingly label and grow out each possible cross to find the most desirable offspring (god-speed and good luck if you do!! I'm certainly not trying to dissuade you as you are the true artists in this game) then make the male selection as broad a brush stroke as possible and save yourself the trouble of inbreeding depression in your lines.