I have a few strains that I just pine for - things I've heard about but have never been able to acquire. I thought it'd be nice to have a place to share my wishes with you and vice-versa. Given the legal landscape related to our medicine/hobby, though, there need to be a few rules for this thread. They're common sense, but for the sake of everyone being on the same page, they need to be said:

1. This thread is for wishes only. No begging, no offers.
2. Other than discussions of lineage and growth characteristics/cultivation experiences, any conversation pertaining to wished-for strains MUST go to PM. NO TRADING IN THIS THREAD.
3. No trading in the thread.

Pretty easy to tell what the important stuff is.

To get things started, I'll offer the two strains that just keep niggling at my brain:

(reversed bubba kush x SPG)
AE77 Cali-O/Aeric 77 Cali-O

I've got a Jackie-O (Jack Flash x Cali-O) S1, but i really want that Cali-O - almost as much as I want that Deadwood!

What is it you're looking for? Let's hear it!!!