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    CannaVenture Sour Double Lemon SMOKE REPORT



    right at the chop this plant smelled awesome. it had the candy smell that reminded me of lemon pezz or lemon sweet tarts crushed up with a skunky/kush aroma. the skunk aroma is much stronger than the kush smell, and even the bud formation is tight an goes all the way down the stem, which from my experience with kushes is not the case. so im thinking this plant is leaning a lil more to the lemon skunk side of things. the lemon candy smell and the skunky smells go hand in hand. trichome production was very nice as well.


    upon grinding the bud, the skunk smell comes out full blast. and i wasnt expecting it. the bud itself, once i opened the jar didnt smell much... so when the powerful danky stank came out at grind, i was pleasantly surprised. the lemon candy smell has been retained on cure, and the smells it threw out in flower are almost exactly what they smell like now after cure. the initial hit is very smooth citrus- mostly lemon on the inhale and a very skunky taste on the exhale. although its not all skunk... the taste that lingers in the mouth after is the typical gasoline/fuel after taste you get from most kushes. after hitting the spliff a few more times, i recognize the kush traits coming from the Sour Double Kush father in the cross... its easy to miss the kush aftertaste because the lemony og funk blends in with the lemon skunk terpenes very well. this is your expected indica stone. very heavy, thick smoke, with very good lung expansion. after a few hits the eyes get heavy and lightheadedness slowly turns to a heavy indica stone. very relaxing, not very motivating bud...lol. smoked this with a buddy of mine thats a casual smoker and it rocked him. i have a higher tolerance, so it was just more of a nice relaxing smoke for me.

    this was a satisfying strain to grow out. i was very lucky to get some nice old school lemon skunk genetics in my Cannaventure Mothers Mix pack. the trichome production, yield, and smells were all very nice. i wasnt expecting so much dank from a freebie, but i was wrong. i am happy with how it preformed and if you are a fan of lemon or skunk, or both then you would enjoy this plant in your garden. thumbs up for a quick flowering, danky lemon strain.
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    Love the lemon head comparison.....

    First time I had Sour Diesel that's exactly how it hit the senses. CannaVenture has some nice strains and this report was a Good Look!

    Keep Puffin'

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