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What is an online head shop? For one, it is a retail outlet. This is the kind of store, which sells a wide array of products and paraphernalia utilized for tobacco and cannabis consumption. These stores may also carry items relevant to the countercultures surrounding these base products.

There are head shops that offer apparel, decorative items, as well as published literature about cannabis culture and history, cultivation, music, art, and even notable figures like Bob Marley who is one of the many figureheads of cannabis consumption.

You may also find different smoking apparatuses such as dab rigs http://www.herbtools.com/dabbing.html and as of recent, food stuff like cannabis brownies, infused alcohol, candies, and even readily usable canna-butter.

How were Head Shops Established?

Believe it or not, they started in the United States back in the sixties. These retail outlets started popping up in areas with a high concentration of collegiate youth.

Back then, these stores operated discretely. Most of them grew out of candle or poster stores. Some of the areas where these shops thrived include the Big Apple, San Francisco, Los Angeles and Chicago.

Before establishing their reputation as smokers’ paradises, head shops also served as distribution points for both rebellious and independent propaganda. Head shops were popular amongst baby boomers and actually inspired the rise of modern day eco-friendly stores.

Are Head Shops Legal in Different Countries?

The legality of these establishments depends on the governing regulations of the countries where they are operating. These have been legalized in Ireland and the industry continues to grow rapidly as the years pass.

All product sales are regulated and the legalization was passed in an effort to counteract the proliferation of illegal street dealers and cartels. Even if these were made legal, the decision was clearly not supported by all as Irish head shops became prone to attacks from arsonists and burglars.

With a new ruling in place since 2010, a number of products once made available by these retailers soon became illegal once more. Today, owners are required to prove they are not selling any drug-like products lest their head shops be closed permanently.

In the United States, head shops are legal, but only if the items they sell are used for legal substances. This means that products may be limited in states where cannabis is still not considered as a legal substance. Regulations have also become stricter through the years as head shops expanded their operations becoming cannabis dispensaries in certain states.

If you are looking to buy your own smoking accessories then you will be pleased to know you can do so over the internet, an online head shop such as http://www.herbtools.com grants you the convenience of both discreet shopping and cheap prices.