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    Ok so MPB does work, but the genes and a dialed grow are essential.
    MPB was designed for areas where numbers are an issue, or you just want to see massive indoor yields. AGAIN, WITHOUT THE RIGHT GENES AND A PERFECT SETUP, YOU WILL JUST BREAK EVEN EVERYTIME! With a dialed grow, HUGE yields are possible.

    Here is the chart to be followed with pics. More info can be found at the dude ranch, under "thompsonsemail" user... but here is the chart that hit me 2+ per plant, my first run.

    I have gone back to organic soil, but will be doing a 2 plant mpb in the future.
    MPB Sched.jpg
    at day 12-14 of veg, starting plants were under 12"x12"x12" as per Oregon State Law... Half of these 24 were culled at week 1 of veg, the room was not dialed before flipping the switch. RH was a major issue!! Too low and plants slow and almost die, then POOF!!! Explode! If RH is right, there is no delay. All in dialing that room and the right plant!
    Here was my run #3, just starting a new genotype into week 2 of veg. This was too branchy and choked the inners out... the wrong plant!! booo break even

    Looking for flowered photos......
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    My exact experience tre... I ran 15 gal totes last yea and pulled 20+ oz's per plant.. perfect start and structure are very important to achieve, but I ran 6 different strains and all pulled BIG weight... went organic and my flavor was spot on.. running soil now and thinking about gettin a couple rooms full of hydro magic rockin...

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