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    I'm glad you enjoyed it Meg, this was one of the first things I read when I joined OG in 02' and I was so entertained by that thought, glad I found it again. This is a method I hope to utilize in a 2'x3'x2' tent with 2' 4 bulb T-5 lighting. Hope to be back up and running before winter Meg if not next spring as renting in winter is impossible here everything is taken by winter tourists by late fall. I will make sure to post photos in this thread of my progress when the time comes.
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    If your serious about bonsai growing this guide is the bible straight up guy should publish this as a book. Hey hippie take a look 2ft 4bulb t5 bonsai love DSC01444.jpg Now to be blunt Im not utilizing every lumen I could pump up production. I have 7 moms 3 groups of 12 cuttings rooted waiting for transplant and for the new year some new strains getting some TLC this is gonna be exciting but to put what i can produce in terms of ready to go plants from cuttings every 2 weeks would be something around 30 clones rooted and ready to go. What i usually do is put the cuttings that are just starting to root in the bags far off to the right they dont need that much light im just babying them because their the princess of the garden right now lol anyway each of those pots i put about 12-15 cuttings some dont make it so i do as many that can fit snug. I can fit 4 pots vertical and squeeze if im trying to squeeze 9 pots horizontal.
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