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Dina Fem-POWER KUSH_By: FUNK MONK 2011 11 06 08.38.17

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06-28-2012, 07:10 PM
porn of funk
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  1. taaldow
  2. funkmonk
    thanks, this one was fun cause I was told the growth in the last few weeks all the bud sites started to form one massive cola, just pure kushyness through and through. Got one more seed left, got lil over 2 per plant and did 5 plants. Went bye quick
  3. theduns
    beautiful bro! chunk and frosty... great combo!
  4. TrippyHippy
    damn dude.. looks like you could use that top as a billy club if ya had to!!
  5. unmeg
    nice spacing & structure
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